Bush Administration to Blue-State California: Drop Dead!


3 Responses to “Bush Administration to Blue-State California: Drop Dead!”

  1. mad dog Says:

    California really has become a shithole, but not for a lot of the reasons that Bush states. It has ridiculously high taxes, yet manages to have large deficits. Lately, it seems hell bent on outlawing home schooling. And California seems to have a greater number of Ambulance chasing lawyers than actual hospital patients. I used to love the idea of going to California. Not anymore.

  2. mad dog Says:

    But at least they had the sensibility to legalize medical marijuana.

  3. mad dog Says:

    Regarding your e-mail, here is my proof:

    California tax rates:


    Please note: This does not include various county and local income taxes within california


    State sales tax: 7.25%, various local city and county sales taxes: up to 8.75%

    (which means that the sales tax ALONE can be as high as 16% in some places)

    also look at:

    California’s huge deficits:


    California virtually outlaws homeschooling:

    California is lawsuit crazy:


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