White Lies – A "Top Ten" List



2 Responses to “White Lies – A "Top Ten" List”

  1. mad dog Says:

    #10 – Yes, that is a lie indeed, because it is not only the white people who came after slavery who aren’t guilty, but it is EVERY WHITE PERSON CURRENTLY LIVING who is not guilty of slavery. Everyone who participated in slavery (that took place in the United States) is dead.

    #9 – Yes, another lie, because it is not okay to criticize any group, only individuals for their own deeds.

    #6 – If you think this is a lie, you obviously never heard any of the black radicals who say that all white people should be killed.

    #2 – ‘Liberals’ are actually some of the racist people on the planet, in some of the most covertly condescending ways possible.

  2. mad dog Says:

    I forgot to mention that I agree with every other panel though, just to inform you that I did not show up to simply bust your balls.

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