Welcome to Hell

Americans are so deep in despair right now that they are hoping the world is like Dante’s Inferno – heaven is found only by a path through hell. So while ostensibly opposing the machinations of Rove , Cheney, and others they are immobilized and rendered impotent not by fear, but by hope. They believe that only when life becomes bleakest, when apocalypse is on the doorstep, when a constant nightmare is their waking life, will the people rise up and instigate a utopian (socialist) revolution. In this sick way Rove, Cheney, and the Neocons are doing them a service, guiding them through hell so that they may reach heaven. It is this fatal mixture of Orwellian doublethink, Marxist permanent revolution, and Dante’s perversion and religious superstition that is the social reality of the moment.

In the Rocky series of movies Rocky explodes and wins the fight only when the fight seems lost – it’s the very definition of “comeback of the underdog”. When the fight is competitive Rocky is lame, taking punch after punch.

The Left in America is not so much weak as believes themselves to be weak so as to conform to their perverted vision of hope. Self-righteously they take punch after punch, calling out “Fascist!”, “Police State!”, or “9/11 Truth!”, while enjoying every blow they receive since according to them it enables their hate and fear to grow with the end result of socialist revolution.

The most effective members of the left, not surprisingly, are those who (subconsciously) denounce this worldview – Noam Chomsky and Naomi Klein. The problem is that this worldview is so pervasive that the left is emotionally fractured and cannot come together in a mass, or even a semi-mass, social movement.


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