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Types of Poverty in order of degree of suffering

February 17, 2008

Material poverty: lack of one or more of the basics – healthy food in a quantity so as to provide full nutrition, shelter, clothing, health care

Spiritual poverty: lack of solidarity, of communal togetherness

Sexual poverty: lack of sexual relations

Social poverty: lack of social relations

Intellectual poverty: lack of understanding of one’s reality

The left overwhelmingly focuses on Material poverty and nearly entirely ignores the other types.

The problem with the vaginas of American women

December 11, 2007

They are filled with American culture. Why don’t they ever have that kind of abortion?

Date Rape

December 7, 2007

Put your arm around her, she likes it
Wait, no she doesn’t, she pulls away
Talk a bit, another arm, she likes it
Women are attracted to sexual acts

Cuddle close, take it slow, careful calculation
Easy calculation, a well placed hand, ever more exciting
Ever more demanding, expanding passions
A kiss, ever more painful when it is thwarted

Ever more exciting when it happens
And another kiss, so exciting, climax is approaching
To feel her breast, so thrilling, so soft
To feel more of her, yes yes yes

No, no, no? She is fearful, yes yes yes you flex!
No, no, what? How could she not want you?
She wants you, she needs you, she will have you
You will have her, now you have her

On some problems of prostitution

October 20, 2007

Liberal culture teaches us that nothing is wrong. Liberal culture is wrong. There are severe problems with prostitution.

#1: Pretending the prostitute is someone else. A prostitute is treated as an object not of sex as naive people believe, but of love. Since there’s no emotional investment in the prostitute the client is free to pretend this person to be someone else. Furthermore, this is never done only after receiving permission from the prostitute. It is incorrect to say the prostitute only knows this is happening when the client talks about it. The fantasy of ownership leads the client to emotional coldness. Ownership is never having to say you’re sorry. On a side note, people who want to own the world desire so so that they will no longer be expected to care about the world. Private reality removes the owned thing from public reality with public concern for it. Ownership creates a shadow world with all the expected results.

#2: During orgasm people release a chemical called oxytonin which facilitates emotional bonding with the sex partner. During normal sex in a committed relationship this is beneficial (assuming monogamy is beneficial). Prostitutes however see a need to repress their own orgasms with a client since it’s better emotionally for them to not bond (given how perilous it would be to form so many such bonds). They may not realize why they are repressing their orgasms and rationalize it in some other way, causing emotional distress. This is particularly cruel to male prostitutes since it is impossible for them to repress their orgasms.

How’s it hanging?

October 1, 2007

The query “How’s it hanging?” was always a curious one. One man asks another about the state of his genitals. I’m sure no homosexuality is involved. Nope, no homoerotic undercurrents there. None at all.

Pornography as the Destruction of Masculinity

September 30, 2007

Masculinity is a threat to every oppressive system. In every fascist state masculinity is the first victim.

The method of pornography is to decontextualize sex. Pornography is about sexual imagery and removing all emotional reality. It’s an expression of sexual poverty.

Reality is not so much about what is there as what is not there. In pornography yet another close up is shown of yet another penis entering yet another vagina. That these parts are attached to humans is barely relevant. That pornography more often shows a woman’s vagina than her face says a lot.

Pornography reduces sex to it’s barest physical components. Gone is love. Gone is exploration. Gone is lust. Gone is passion. Gone is reality, replaced by sex as a base universal.

In every fascist system poverty is created, because an impoverished human is easily controlled. The best things to control are the bare basics of human existence – shelter, food, dignity, sex. Once sex is rendered pornographic in the minds of the victims they become sexually impoverished, regardless of the amount of sex they have. The more sex they have the worse the impoverishment, because they get more and more desperate, more and more confused about why the sex isn’t working for them, isn’t helping.

In puritan culture which features sexual repression, of the four basic control elements sex is by far the best to use, since it confuses the victim and the elite is sure the victim will not ask for help, unlike their response to poverty of any of the other basic types.

Black Masculinity in America

August 5, 2007

72 Virgins

July 30, 2007

72 Virgins. Such is the number promised to Muslims (I assume just men) who go to heaven.

I can’t understand why that is not the penalty for Muslims who go to hell.

In order for one man (assuming the afterlife presents full functionality) to please 72 women, he’s going to have to spend his entire afterlife having sex with them. That might sound like paradise until exhaustion and boredom set in. It sounds like paradise to a man used to having only one (very much non-virginal) woman… he’ll quickly find that his old idea of paradise is a terrible burden.

That’s the short-term story. The long-term story is far more horrific.

First comes 72 children. Then 144. Not long after hundreds of children are born. In a way that’s good (for him)… now these women can spend happy time with their children instead of demanding sex from an overworked and exhausted man supposedly living in paradise. But if we’re going to suppose a reality in which sex exists and ejaculation exists and virgins exist then obviously food exists, and these kids need food to survive. So now these 72 women and 1 man are going to have to work for food, or scavenge heaven for food, or pray to Allah or whatever other method they can devise.

We suppose 72 virgins must be heaven because on earth 1 virgin is heaven (actually, experienced women are more heavenly, but who am I to denounce the kind of people who believe 72 more desirable?) but sometimes more is not better.

You might say, well kings throughout history have had many women, sometimes concubines, sometimes wives, depending on the culture. That proves that more is better.

Those women have been in all cases of large numbers slaves. Thus the 72 virgins would be slaves but heaven cannot possibly tolerate slavery, thus the women have sexual and material demands on the single, overworked, exhausted, man.

Perhaps he’ll pray to Allah for deliverance from that life. Perhaps he’ll invent an afterlife for the afterlife. Perhaps he’ll even invent a religion to justify his desire.

Gotta love humans.

Adorning your Cleavage

May 8, 2007

Adornment dangling from the ears. Adornment around the neck. Adornment around the wrists. On the face. On the belly button. Sometimes in other places. Why not the breasts?

Perhaps the assumption is that guys look there anyway, so adornment is overkill. That’s very pragmatic, but it’s also not an exciting position to take.

The normal adornments are out. Obviously piercing doesn’t work.  A necklace-type adornment doesn’t work without something to attach the adornment to, and then things get too complicated. How about a surrounding type of adornment?

How about feathers, for example? They would feel nice and present a nice look. Depending on the supporting clothing I don’t know if it would often work, but creative fashion designers could find a way.

The novelty should get a woman VERY noticed.

This man is Vaginasexual

December 2, 2006

I was having problems classifying Rod (Big Rod) for my novella. How do you describe a guy for whom the presence of a vagina (of the proper size) is all that is necessary for sex? Heterosexual doesn’t work because that assumes sex with *women*, of whom the vagina is merely a gateway. This guy will have sex with literally anything with a vagina (and nothing without). Why not then just… vaginasexual?

Rod’s doing pretty well. He started with rats, was worried about a white rabbit but it turned out well, and got some wild pig action. He should be moving into homosapiens soon. He may have done *bats* amazingly enough, but the novella provides no confirmation of such.

Rod’s a lot more interesting than the main character (he’s a RPG hero, of course he’s boring as fuck)… maybe I should have wrote Big Rod’s Epically Long RPG instead.

What’s kind of exciting to me is not the parody of cock size for men, which is tired and should be retired ASAP, but the introduction of vagina depth for women being the paragon of womanhood (the Ice Queen for example has the deepest vagina of any woman on Earth and Porn Stars are next in line). That would be hilarious at least temporarily if women self-consciously measured their vaginas all the time and were ashamed if they had a “shallow one”. Oh no, I can’t handle a mammoth cock which means I can’t handle a real man… I’m a horrible woman!

Actually though, its easy enough to mock humans without this new fad cropping up.

Maybe if I… maybe if I do stretching exercises it will become deeper? Should I get surgery?

A Denunciation of Puritan Sexual Mores

October 10, 2006

Sex is no big deal. It can be deep or complex, but need not be. Its not mysterious or strange. Its not anything, really, that need be cared much about. It matters not.