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A return to IRC

January 2, 2008

I don’t understand why I’m banned from #qt3 IRC. What’s the motivation for doing so? Is there some ongoing issue I’m unaware of?

Qt3 IRC request

March 14, 2007

This is a request for a removal of my banning from the Qt3 IRC channel. I’m at about 75% emotional stability and would very much like to check back in with the IRC group.

On Groupthink

November 2, 2006

Groupthink is typically a political ploy done by pretending to agree with something (often but not always the dominant position on an issue within the local group). In straight cases, the motivation is to gain political power within the group. In other cases, pretending to groupthink is a means of mocking groupthink.

Only when straight groupthink is not recognized is it a danger. A common way to recognize groupthink is when the person in question agrees to the position with no or minimal comment, or with paraphrases of comments made by others supporting that position (this can be difficult to determine, as the comments paraphrased can come from a source outside the group). Note that groupthink need not result from a comment at all… someone can groupthink based off of the group’s recommendation of a game for example, and buy the game (without doing any individual research).

In every group I have ever been a part of, degree of groupthink is linked largely to the capability of the individuals in the group. Qt3 has had varying degrees of groupthink… in Politics & Religion at times there have been major problems… large dogpiling and other despicable techniques have been used. The Games forum is also subject to considerable groupthink, and is the section where its most prevalent at the moment.

Groupthink is a failure of morality and individual responsibility, and its degree of existence is one of the major ways of evaluating any group.