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Regarding the residents of the Gaza Strip

March 8, 2009

“These policies punish innocent civilians with the goal of exerting pressure on the Hamas government, violating the rights of 1.5 million people who seek only to live ordinary lives – to be reunited with family, to pursue higher education, to receive quality medical treatment, and to earn a living.”

This statement is from ZNet, talking about the perpetual policy toward the Gaza Strip of Zionist Israel.

Here’s one big problem – if you’re in the Gaza Strip, and you seek only to live an ordinary life, you’re seeking the wrong thing.

“An ordinary life” doesn’t match up too well against air strikes, checkpoints, and minimal natural resources. The only effective way to live is to incorporate the destruction of these air strikes, checkpoints, and problematic access to resources into one’s everyday process.

The Gaza Strip is nothing but ordinary, and it calls for merely exceptional lives.

If the statement is truly correct and all 1.5 million Gazan residents are seeking only to live ordinary lives, the Gaza Strip is doomed.

Why the Zionists are committing a *slow* genocide of the Palestinians

February 20, 2009

This is a reply to David from Dissident Voice. His words are in italics:

“yet if genocide was their goal shouldn’t they have already easily entirely ethnically cleansed the defenseless Palestinians from Gaza and the West Bank. After all Israel is efficient, ruthless and cunning, why are they taking so long to complete a genocide if this is their true goal?”

Precisely because they are efficient, ruthless, and cunning.

The project of Zionism is not just about the extermination and driving out of the Palestinians – it’s doing so without upsetting the global community and their own people. It’s this latter part which leads them to complex machinations and a very slow genocide.

The problem is not killing all the Palestinians. That’s easy. The problem is getting away with the crime. Zionists are building a political reality in the world so that they are successful in that world *during* and especially AFTER they’ve annihilated the Palestinians.

Any criminal can tell you that committing a crime is easy. It’s evading detection and capture that’s difficult.

An important question for Zionists has long been: “How will the world view us after the Palestinians are gone?”

Zionists examined America – examined how through American media and long-term economic domination America built a positive global image, despite the country being built on native American burial grounds and corpses with American settler weapons embedded. Zionists use the same propaganda tools and media manipulation as their father figure does.

It wants the same results, and very well might get them unless they are stopped.

This is the real reason America supports Zionism – not out of some pro-Jew or anti-Arab bias but because there is a deep recognition of the imitation by Zionists of American settlers – it’s PATRIOTISM among Americans, including much of the American left, that causes Americans to fade away with a sigh at Zionist atrocities. How can they destroy this monstrosity, when their very homes, their economic well-being, their global status, is built in the same way?

This is the fundamental success of the Zionist concept. Zionists are merely Americans, version 2. Oh brave new world…

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