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The Meaning of Life

November 30, 2007

I hope you like this poem
I hope you learn a lot
I hope you become a better person
But even if you do
Keep your wallet in your pocket

I don’t want your money
I don’t want your respect
I don’t want your gratitude
I don’t want your fancy words
I don’t want you

All I want is dignity
All I want is to do what I want
All I want is to avoid starvation
To share love, to maybe have a family
To live well, and to live free

Stop honoring garbage times
Stop honoring garbage men
Your choice is not Lennon or Limbaugh
Stop imagining all the people
Start living your own life

Strengthening men

October 17, 2007

I heard a leftist say that it only makes sense for women to be feminists. Wow. God bless the left. With crap like this, why bother criticizing the right?

It makes more sense for men to be feminists than it does for women to be. The purpose of feminism is to strengthen women. Some women find it useful to be weak. I can understand that. But to a man, at least a heterosexual man, weakness is inimical to love. A man cannot love a weak woman. Feminism increases the amount of human love available to heterosexual men.

The argument for “men should not be feminists” rests on women as competitors to men. The idea is that men should not try to strengthen women since women can then apply power against men. According to this understanding men and women are in a struggle to oppress the other, and men should not relent just because they have the upper hand. That this argument is related to fascism (replace “women” with “Jews” or “blacks” or whoever else) does not stop many Americans (and others) from believing it .

One of the greatest condemnations of the male gender is that so few of them are feminists. Not being a feminist is to be an oppressor of women in every society that oppresses them.

Domestic abuse can only exist in an oppressive society. Domestic abuse can only occur when one spouse does not respect the other. This lack of respect is generated by a lack of perceived strength in the other. This lack of perceived strength is generated by successful oppression.

It’s the wrong solution to call on men to go through “anger management”. Oppressed women make me angry and I’m not even married to any of them. There’s only one thing men need to learn – that love serves power. If men truly want power they’ll come to understand that love is the best way to achieve power. When two people love each other there’s little they can’t achieve.

Men should become feminists for their own sake.

The Reason for Obsession

November 6, 2006

The usefulness of obsession is that it blocks the consciousness from the pain of seperation from the loved. It thus allows continuation of approach to the loved which otherwise the pain would prevent (by self-preservation from pain which results in cessation of concern (cessation of love)).

Two things end obsession: arrival at the loved (removes obsession) or allowance of pain (replaces obsession). The time when pain is allowed is determined by the effect of that pain on the individual.

A Thank You to some people

October 25, 2006

Some people on Qt3 are treating me like a real human being. Thank you.

However, I’m in a lot better shape than even those people seem to think. They jump to too many conclusions.

Its been a great month. Fortunately I’ll never have a month like this ever again.

Where’s the Line between Passion and Insanity? / Obsession and Love

October 22, 2006

Passion, Obsession, Insanity – three concepts intertwined.

Is it merely a matter of degree? Is Insanity merely an extreme obsessive condition? Is Insanity merely a statement that Look at what lengths I will go to in my obsession!… the decadent version of obsession?

Obsession itself… why? Is the idea that by pouring so much of yourself into one thing that something amazing can happen, something that does not happen under normal treatment? What price is paid for this hope? Does the more you pay mean the more you love?

The thing obsessed over… what does it think? Is it flattered but at the same time appalled, at the same time burdened by the obsession?

The sane people – you both envy and abhor the obsessed. You both long to be them and are very glad you’re not them. So you try to have it both ways – you are sane in public and party/get drunk/go crazy when the time is right.

But I’ll tell you… that’s not the same thing. Not even close. Sorry to… crash the party.

The sane are destroyed by experiencing something so important to them that they will pay with the degradation of themselves to obtain it.

The obsessed are destroyed by either obtaining their obsession or abandoning the pursuit.

Obsession is an obstacle to love. It must be overcome before true love can exist.

Friendship and love require no manipulation

October 21, 2006

Sometimes its difficult to distinguish *instruction* from manipulation. The end is the same (except a difference in degree of control), its the motivation that differs.

Successful communication, successful interaction, breeds friendship and love. Unsuccessful transactions result in desperation (for successful interaction) that *lead to* instruction or manipulation.

Endlessly in my own life I have debated whether I instruct or manipulate, and I have tried just as endlessly to ensure instruction. Noone, including myself, has been convinced or satisfied.

I should have taken a step back and focused on the failure that led me to instruction/manipulation in the first place… if I’d lacked that failure friendship would have prevented such a hideous debate.

Perhaps the humans who have helped me so greatly recently are they themselves subject to a lack of successful communication… they understand all too well the next required step and were able to use it with me, weathering the inevitability of my questioning of their motivations.

I wish for more human contact with the ones I love. This solitude, however useful, is far too painful.

On Love

October 21, 2006

This condition is like a magnet – it draws all other conditions to it. Suddenly you feel overwhelmed, confused, excited, depressed, joyful, like singing, like dying.

It inspires awe and so much misery and happiness. When in love you are not in the world – the world is in you.