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FARC Women

March 22, 2008


Latinobarometro – public surveys of the people of Latin America

March 20, 2008


Liberate the United States

November 28, 2007

Save us, third worlders
Our people are zombies starved on a Fox News diet
Our men like their women well fucked and their enemies bloody
Our women like their Paris Hilton and its self-loathing
Our sheep have cloned themselves and put them on two legs
Our democracy is dead

Save us, third worlders
White kills black in endless war that the educated call “hate”
Black seethes with anger and resentment, rapes when he can
Is imprisoned when he cannot, whitey always smiles
Progressives tell us they are helping. Liberals tell us they care
They join NGOs and go exploit Africa

Save us, third worlders
Save Al Franken and his imitation of Rush Limbaugh
Save the worshippers of Mammon – they know not what they do
Save us, Latin America. Bring us the democracy we have forgotten
Liberate the United States