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Quote from Margaret Kimberley

September 19, 2008

From Black Agenda Report:

“The Israelis at the airport acted like Jim Crow segregationists of old, never forsaking an opportunity to publicly humiliate black people. Israel does function as America did in its own apartheid era. It does so with impunity, comfortable in the knowledge that no one who speaks the truth about that government will ever be powerful enough to take action against it.”

To Recognize Israel

May 17, 2008


Countering Palestine Solidarity Work in Canada

April 27, 2008


Hizbullah: Has Israel Met Its Match?

April 13, 2008


Norman Finkelstein’s “The Holocaust Industry”

March 9, 2008

This is an excellent book about the exploitation of the holocaust for ideological and political gain. Here’s Norman Finkelstein quoting Elie Wiesel:

“The eyes – I must tell you about their eyes. I must begin with that, for their eyes precede all else, and everything is comprehended within them. The rest can wait. It will only confirm what you already know. But their eyes – their eyes flame with a kind of irreducible truth, which burns and is not consumed. Shamed into silence before them, you can only bow your head and accept the judgment. Your only wish now is to see the world as they do. A grown man, a man of wisdom and experience, you are suddenly impotent and terribly impoverished. Those eyes remind you of your childhood, your orphan state, cause you to lose all faith in the power of language. Those eyes negate the value of words; they dispose of the need for speech.” (from The Jews of Silence)

"Overcoming Zionism" by Kovel – 2/16/08 in Berkeley, CA

March 4, 2008


Gaza "Holocaust"?

March 1, 2008


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Abbas Needs a Miracle

March 1, 2008


There Will Be Blood

February 16, 2008


Beware of the Snakes in the Grass

February 13, 2008


What did Israel bomb in Syria?

February 11, 2008


My advice to the Israelis concerning the Palestinians

December 27, 2007

In order to stop being abusive you need to stop feeling abused.

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December 1, 2007

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November 22, 2007


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November 17, 2007


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November 13, 2007