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You’d better fucking believe I’m terrified

March 3, 2009

“What are you so afraid of?”, they ask me, sometimes with an air of aggression, sometimes with puzzlement, sometimes with pity.

For one thing, I’m terrified that so many people have to ask that question. The state of the world implied by having to ask that question is terrible.

Nietzsche said “What does not kill me only makes me stronger”. And so the 20th century saw the refinement of torture to a science, the development of nuclear weapons, the accelerated destruction of the environment, widespread totalitarianism and surveillance by the elite, and the making ignorant and infantile of the population. If Nietzsche lived today how very strong he would be!, whatever that means. Strong right up until an airtight scientific slavery, a quick death, or an increasingly certain death, apparently.

All being on a mountain does is ensures you’re the last to die. Perhaps that’s what Nietzsche wanted. Him and his non-human animals and his plausible deniability in the form of his writings.

But the terror goes far deeper. Women accept having sons who are torturers. Men commit atrocities and call it “feeding their family”. Only a small fraction of the society effectively condemns atrocities, and virtually noone blames the individuals responsible, saying the problem is “the system”. Yet instead of destroying the system, they merely try to ensure that their own individual lives are decent, and shut away their relationship to this system they say is the problem.

A much more rational question is to ask someone living a placid life, “What are you so not afraid of?” I’ve never heard that question asked, which is one more reason to be terrified.

Capitalism – a terrorist ideology

May 19, 2008

A reply to Don Hawkins from Dissident Voice:

“You know are very good at bullshit. These bullshit artists know full well the problems we all face and it looks to me have decided to go out in style. Think of this as kind of a war. In just a few years it is going to be very hard for these artists of bullshit to keep the game going because most people will only have to open there front door to see climate change for real.”

Unfortunately you’re way off base. Here’s the way this will likely play out:

The right will deny global warming or downplay it’s effect until such time as it ensures it’s profitability. The point is not to “go out in style” but, as always, to exploit. The problem for the right is that it currently doesn’t understand how to exploit global warming. It’s vision for how to profit from it is too weak, the risk too high. So it’s best political move is to deny and downplay.

Beware the day the right accepts global warming, for their acceptance ensures the world’s catastrophe. Assuming the right remains in power,  once global warming can be profited from it’s fulfillment becomes inevitable.

The right doesn’t see itself going out at all. It will live an isolated, amoral, insular lifestyle within it’s gated communities while the world perishes. Millions will die, maybe billions, it doesn’t matter (to them), as long as enough remain alive so that profits and their continuation as the ruling class continues.

Global warming may be a very good thing indeed for the right. A devastated population is a malleable, controllable, slavish one. Who can fight for higher wages when daily survival is a struggle?

Global warming is the 3rd in the grand terror events constructed by the right. The second was nuclear holocaust. The first was genocide. The threat of nuclear annihilation terrorized the world’s population. Hence the world became easy to control, hence the world descended into fascism, which the United States is now experiencing overtly. That’s the most important reason the right will never dismantle nuclear weapons. And that’s the most important reason the right will never solve global warming, or stop committing genocides. Capitalism is a terrorist ideology, and it’s found some very useful methods. Meanwhile, the left, telling itself how global warming will finally bring down capitalism, will itself encourage global warming (by “fighting” ineffectively against it) as a means of capitalism’s destruction, underestimating capitalism’s resiliency.

It is only those people outside this framework who can save the world. Only by directly destroying capitalism (in a hands-on, creative endeavor rather than “protesting” against it) will all terrorist ideologies end and humanity be strengthened and perpetuated.

Noam Chomsky at the United Nations 6/5/06

March 8, 2008

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