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5 Signs You’ve Got Cancer, Part 4

April 30, 2013

What’s Your YOLO?

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5 Signs You’ve Got Cancer, Part 3

April 30, 2013

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Guns, bombs, and the American way of life

April 28, 2013
Americans like guns because they owe their land to them. Guns were instrumental in the destruction of the native americans and the colonization of north america by european colonists. Guns allow for a straightforward exertion of the will to death – pull the trigger and something often dies. This might be called “intelligent design”.
The order of death provided by guns contrasts with the disorder of death provided by bombs. Bombs destroy over an area – whatever is in that area is harmed. There’s no pointing mechanism with a steely righteous Clint Eastwood gaze behind it.
Bombs are for poor people. They are cheap to construct, easy to use, and most importantly are often outside the formal economic system. In the religion of apocalyptic Mammon-fueled free market fundamentalism being poor is the greatest crime, a crime always punishable by misery, often by death.
Outlawing bombs, with wealthy (what Americans euphemistically call the “middle class”) Americans helpfully huddling in their homes following their use, is outlawing the final despairing expression of the poor (or those who align with them).
Americans believe that terrorism is fine, as long as it’s someone else receiving the terror. There isn’t substantial moral outrage about the use of the American military to dominate and often decimate whole countries – Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan. Yet a relatively minor single event like a mere 3,000 deaths in New York (compare to the 40,000 to 50,000 preventable deaths per day due to the global economic system or the 1,000,000+ deaths in Iraq due to the American invasion) causes great anger and calls for revenge.
Americans understand that they live in the heart of the global empire, and receive benefits accordingly. They are happy to receive such benefits as a 2nd television set in exchange for the gift of great misery bestowed on others.
This is called the “American way of life”. In recent years China and India have imported our ways, Bollywood one aspect of this, and Brazil is the most recent heathen converted to Mammon.

The Ideology of the End of the World

April 27, 2013

We may well find, as we reflect on the world in which we live, that the key ideological difference is not between capitalism and socialism, which are merely two symptoms of the issue, but rather between those who want the world to die and those who want the world to live.

The logic of the industrial revolution, which takes from the earth without giving back, entails self-annihilation unless the world is seen as merely a stepping stone, a crib which can be set aside when the infant grows out of it. Therefore a prerequisite for the industrial revolution was the work of Nicolaus Copernicus and Galileo Galilei, who moved the earth from the center of the universe (therefore rendering it special and sacrosanct) and replaced it with the sun. Subsequent scientific development rendered the earth less special still, reducing its value and the propensity for humans to maintain its well-being or even existence.

The purpose of capitalism is to kill the world and force humanity to move on. According to current capitalist hopes, Mars is the first step.

This reality enlightens many of the interactions between capitalists and socialists. Capitalists consider socialists to be cowards, not so much due to the valuation of rugged individualism but the greater cowardice of not being willing or able to wish to leave the earth. Capitalists view socialists as babies unwilling or unable to grow up.

Socialists view capitalists as somewhere between stern authority figures and psychopaths.

My view is that it defeats the value of exploring the universe if the explorers are only there because they intentionally killed their own planet. A capitalist point here is that exploration of the universe might give the means for saving the earth, an argument that began its life meager and died a little each day after.

Think about this the other way around. What would we think of an alien species who only came to earth because they intentionally destroyed their own planet. Would we want them on ours?

What would the expected outcome be on another planet when colonized by a species whose ideology is based on destruction and “progress”?

The question perhaps is not whether or not we want outer space but whether or not outer space wants us.


Deconstructing Aliens

April 27, 2013

It’s taboo to speak poorly about capitalism in the West, and until recently was likewise taboo to speak poorly about the rich. As such, critiques of capitalism and the wealthy have to be concealed, plausibly deniable.

Prior to the 1980s, American alien culture was centered around UFOs, which were often high altitude spy planes being tested by the US government. Interest in UFOs meant interest in greater transparency of the US government toward Americans.

During the 1980s, popularized a decade later, there was a shift in alien culture from UFOs to alien creatures. This matched up with the recognition that the world’s rulers were pursuing an apocalyptic ideology and were no longer caretakers of the earth and living creatures. Aliens became a metaphor for the rulers, who act to destroy the world and it’s people.

Saving the princess

April 16, 2013

omega 616:
Extreme hyperbole and simplification would be “women are only good for cooking so need saving constantly”.

It’s a common misperception to believe that the reason women are so often “imprisoned” in games is due to their perceived impotence.

After all, in traditional reality (“real life”) men are imprisoned at a far higher rate than women, so according to this logic men are perceived to be far weaker than women.

The primary reason women are usually the ones imprisoned in video games is that the usual gender of the hero main character is male, and there’s a heterosexual factor in the “saving”, as per the original myth of the noble (horny) knight saving the princess locked away in a high tower within a castle. The implication is that upon saving the damsel the damsel’s king father will be so full of gratitude and so impressed by the knight’s bravery and prowess that he encourages or perhaps even forces (heavily coerces) the princess to marry the knight. While an utterly sexist myth, note that the princess’s weakness here is not inherent but rather is caused by the political/social reality. The tower is a phallic symbol, the princess is imprisoned within the penis, and the knight merely moves her from one prison to another, one which he obviously prefers since it’s his own. Also note that the tower is within an enemy castle, so the king doesn’t so much care about his daughter but rather about his own loss of prestige of having his daughter captured by the enemy.

Rather than appreciate any of this and respond to it by boycotting said games, most gamers will happily engage in “save the princess” sexist games while simultaneously claiming to be at the very least friendly to feminism. A hypocrisy which is very rarely called out, so life gets to go on with no real thought, care, concern, or self-criticism given to it.


April 11, 2013

Addiction is a modern invention for purpose of creating fear. The purpose of fear is social control. Addicts “struggle” with addiction but addiction is the secondary symptom, fear is the primary symptom, and desire to participate in the system of social control the disease.

Treating addiction, therefore, is a matter of breaking the addict’s fear of a break in the social order. The problem is that most doctors and psychologists very much want to maintain the social order, so desire to maintain or if possible worsen the disease of the patient.

Addicts are able to “break” their addiction and congratulate themselves heartedly at the supposedly monumental task, yet lapse back into addiction since they aren’t curing the disease that gives birth to it.

5 Signs You’ll Get Cancer, Part 2

April 6, 2013

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