Thoughts on Peter Jackson’s “The Hobbit”

Jackson betrayed the spirit of Tolkien’s work. In Tolkien’s book Gandalf uses magic to trick the trolls into bickering with each other (using their weakness against them) to delay them until the sun turned them to stone. In the movie he splits a rock to enable the sunlight to reach them. Gandalf has been betrayed – moving from Tolkien’s crafty subtle wizard to Jackson’s warrior-wizard.

In the lengthy early scene with the dwarves at Bilbo’s home, the movie points out that some of the dwarves are warriors, while the book made no mention of that, focusing on the importance of the mission.

Gandalf is further abused during the captured-by-goblins scene, as he unleashes warrior-wizard once again instead of in the book, where killing was only used as a last resort and flight was the primary action for all the characters (except for Bilbo’s curiosity about the ring).

Possibly the worst moment in the film was the easy takedown of the great pine trees by the wargs. Tolkien stresses the strength of these trees, a strength relied on by the party members. Only the goblin’s clever use of Gandalf’s fire put the group at risk. Jackson throws out the spirit of Tolkien, the trees become normal trees, and the wargs knock them over like dominoes. A fucking disaster.

Gone is the gentleness and cleverness of the book, replaced by soulless murder.


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