Brian Koontz vs. The Neocon

“A ball of energy surpassing human
As this dead world demands life
Mary Lou, we love you”

As Brian Koontz entered the Den of Despair at the bidding of a Master of the Universe, he glanced at a big screen TV which displayed a video of Pete Rose maniacally running around for purposes unknown. In front of him furiously masturbating sat one of the masters of the universe, just finishing his ode to Mary Lou Retton.

“This is going to be valueless since you’re here. Everyone knows only hacks put themselves into their own stories”.

Brian replied, “Well, we might as well speak the truth then. There’s nothing to lose”.

The Neocon laughed from the abyss: “There is no truth. Only stories. But a question first: why aren’t you afraid of us as are so many others?”

“I help people. And you’re clearly in need of help”.

The Neocon smirked at this sincere naïve pathetic fool in front of him. HE was the one who was helping build a new world. This piece of shit was just getting in his way.

“If you’re not with me, you’re against me”.

And with that, he opened the trap floor and Brian Koontz fell to his death.


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