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Game of Thrones

September 27, 2011

Game of Thrones “keeps it real”. It gets rid of all the social delicacies in favor of “honesty”. The result is a brutal, totalitarian social fabric. The Western World that has thrown away it’s welfare state.

In Game of Thrones those who speak truth are powerful and those who lie are weak. Those who penetrate others and themselves with the rod of truth are always respected, by every character, without exception.

Game of Thrones is a modern totalitarian and Neoliberal fantasy. Characters live to know everything about everyone who is or can be a threat to their power-goals. Their words are weaponized, armored, or supportive as the need arises, but never otherwise.

As a result of this brutal madness, this “keeping it real“, everyone is afraid. There’s no security in Game of Thrones, only whatever confidence characters can muster by means of whatever control they can exert on the world around them.

Because everyone is afraid, everyone seeks to dominate. Peace is obtained only through domination, the same ideology which rules the American and Israeli states.

In episode 7 Cersei Lannister says “When you play the game of thrones, you win, or you die”. Noone in the series even considers the third option, the insight of the 1984 movie War Games: the only way to win is not to play. The characters in Game of Thrones are in a state of perpetual war, against whoever and whatever stands in the way of their ambitions.

The psychological backdrop for the series is the awakening of an ancient, powerful, mystical, awe-inspiring evil force, which provides a justification for the “no pain, no gain” ideology of the characters. Game of Thrones tells us that only through perpetual training, perpetual suffering, perpetual sacrifice, perpetual honesty, perpetual war, will we become strong enough to face the ultimate evil.

And then, so the myth goes, we will obtain eternal peace. Or death. The same thing.

As the world suffers under the “no pain, no gain” of Austerity and the continued rule of neoliberal ideology and as a result accelerates towards the apocalypse, so the world experiences Game of Thrones. Unlike in the real world the totalitarian ideology in Game of Thrones won’t turn out nearly so badly. It’s fictional fantasy, after all.

On Power and Why Truth is not so Common in the United States

September 14, 2011

With truth comes power. With power comes responsibility. Responsibility is a choice. People who don’t want responsibility decide not to know the truth.

None of this is commonly known in the United States (an example which proves the point). Tragically, this is not commonly known by educators themselves, those irresponsible Americans who claim to want to help people become more knowledgeable, but really merely want to feel AS IF they are helping people become more knowledgeable.

The common argument against my position is that power corrupts. Therefore, so the argument goes, we should not be powerful, hence not have truth.

My counter-argument is another clear truth – that only with power can any GOOD be done, as well as any bad. The recent uprising in Egypt largely failed, resulting in military control of the country, not because of insufficient raw humanity on the side of the uprising but because those humans themselves lacked power – lacked the willingness to understand the world. Therefore they celebrated their meager accomplishment in Tahrir Square without winning the war. Therefore they are losing the war.

Power does not necessarily corrupt. The people of Egypt are not corrupt, although they showed that they have some power. What corrupts is not power itself but the line of actions one might take to gain and retain power. An example follows:

Two powerful men. One attains power through fear and domination, brutal murdering, ruthless manipulation. That is the method he employs and must continue to employ to sustain power.

Another attains power through capable assistance. That is the method he employs and must continue to employ to sustain power.

We have no problem granting power to things which are helpful. Consider how powerful cell phones are in today’s world, yet there is nothing corrupt about them.

Since Americans in addition to being irresponsible are irrationally cynical, their response is that humans are corrupt while cell phones, being non-human, are not. This is one of the foundations for the American support for technology.

The reason for this belief, in truth, is that capitalism makes money from selling things, and America remains the center of high technology, so largely in order to support capitalism Americans support technology.

Capitalism also provides an understanding of the nature of modern corruption. There is no such thing as a non-corrupt CEO due to what a CEO must be to attain and retain his position of power – a ruthless pursuer of maximum profit for his corporation.

Zombie Brian vs. The Neocon

September 12, 2011

“You needed them to be what they could not be.
Your tears mingled with theirs
Your pain meant their deaths
All to elevate you as a god”

Zombie Brian shambled in, earning a look of disgust from an ironic member of Club Enlightened as the rarified air of an ode to Friedrich Nietzsche was so rudely disturbed.

As Brian moved listlessly about in a vacuum where there used to be a world The Neocon calculated the various ways to dispatch of him yet again. The cleansing must continue, and so the zombie’s head left his shoulders from a swipe of the katana.

Brian Koontz vs. The Neocon

September 9, 2011

“A ball of energy surpassing human
As this dead world demands life
Mary Lou, we love you”

As Brian Koontz entered the Den of Despair at the bidding of a Master of the Universe, he glanced at a big screen TV which displayed a video of Pete Rose maniacally running around for purposes unknown. In front of him furiously masturbating sat one of the masters of the universe, just finishing his ode to Mary Lou Retton.

“This is going to be valueless since you’re here. Everyone knows only hacks put themselves into their own stories”.

Brian replied, “Well, we might as well speak the truth then. There’s nothing to lose”.

The Neocon laughed from the abyss: “There is no truth. Only stories. But a question first: why aren’t you afraid of us as are so many others?”

“I help people. And you’re clearly in need of help”.

The Neocon smirked at this sincere naïve pathetic fool in front of him. HE was the one who was helping build a new world. This piece of shit was just getting in his way.

“If you’re not with me, you’re against me”.

And with that, he opened the trap floor and Brian Koontz fell to his death.