Yum Tasty Makes a New Boyfriend

Oh Dear

Yum Tasty was feeling dry today. A bit pasty, but mostly dry. She was taught, she thought, quite recently, how pleasant everything was. And so she went to the bank.

A Most Odd Request

Yum Tasty began looking for protuberances as she approached the brick block which was trying very hard to look secure. Not finding anything suitable, she entered the bank.

This highly ranked bank manager informed Yum Tasty, upon her request, that a bank account was most surely available to her. And yes, available to her whenever and wherever she needed it. That was just what she wanted. She was disappointed of course that said bank account had no physical representation, so she obtained a stack of cash to stand in.

Attaching a Second Piece

A stack of cash by itself would simply not do, so Yum Tasty brought out her dildo and glued it to the cash. Now things were shaping up.

The Butcher’s Shop

What a smoked hunk of meat! What a thick slab! Yum Tasty was overcome with drooling pleasure. Now she was wet! But something was still missing. What would modern imperial society contribute to her needs?

High Tech

Microprocessors – is there nothing they can’t do? And now smack dab in the middle of the ripped rack of beef Yum Tasty carefully placed the heart, the brain, the computer chip.

And she called him Meat Shield

This was the man for her. Quiet, strong, smart, rich, well-hung, filling her stomach from two directions and never a complaint to be heard. Paradise is now upon us.


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