A Turn for the Dying

The Comedian

I look down on you from my stage on high. Seeds pour from my mouth and enter your bodies. You bear my seeds and go forth to spread them.

The worse the world gets, the more you need me to make you laugh. I have become truly powerful now.


Kid Skittles fretted, thinking that cocoa butter would be the final smell before the world ended. He examined the faces on the video closely, noting every nuance of expression. He would find the secret.

Merely Punk

Insular and defeated by society, as a consolation prize they get their precious self-expression. That is their cage.

And Therefore, Readily Programmable

The empty are vessels needing to be filled. A cynic who believes there is nothing of value in the world fills those vessels with the endless distractions of mass media. Politicians fill the vessels with whatever propaganda meets their goals.

We suppress our fear of intimacy and love by having sex

What greater illusion than sex? It allows the feeling of intimacy without the actuality. The empty believe that sex produces love, when only the opposite is ever true. In order for the empty to see reality they need to open themselves to the world. But they fear the world and sit huddling in their dark corners.

Digital Growth!

Bits, Bytes, Kilobytes, Oh My! And so it begins, my child.
Megabytes, Gigabytes, Terabytes, My how you’ve grown! I am so proud.
Petabytes, Exabytes, Zettabytes, Awesome beyond words. I am ready to die now.

Hello Police Officer

Poor you, relic of an energetic age where crime meant something, now a janitor and a thug.

Market-Based Men and Women

What can we buy? What can we sell? What we buy defines us and everything we sell is part of us. We sell ourselves. A man’s “gotta make a living” and a woman’s “gotta do what she’s gotta do”.

Market Capitalism

A dying populace makes no protest. Nixon marked the shift to the Neoliberal order and gave birth to it’s champion in Reagan. Americans were too busy gorging themselves to care – their souls had been sold for some bread and circuses.

The Market Apocalypse

The Market is for those who believe in nothing else. Mammon is the last refuge of the Nihilist.

Continuing to Continue

We have our health, and our wealth, not so much the wisdom. As long as that remains true, there is hope, or so they say. You may wish to ask, who’s doing the saying?

A Turn for the Dead


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