After the Lights Went Out

Back to Basics

Kid Skittles woke up shaking. There was another time, it seems, another way, but not for him. He would be here, and get through the day.
He walked to the refrigerator dreaming of teleportation and drank milk dreaming of sustenance. In any case, here he was.

Meat Shield had just had a meal and sat pleasedly next to Yum Tasty. Happy at being so nutritious once again, Yum Tasty browsed the television for stimulation.

Homoslightly was lost in the latest Scissor Sisters album. So wonderful. He went to his car to pick up friend Wee Slice.

Queen Mary and King Joe concluded their latest business transaction, a shift in capital from “their” country to one of the rising capitalist BRIC countries (Brazil, Russia, India, China). They are citizens of the world you see, or at least citizens of the land of maximum profit.


Japan was the first country to embrace the end of the world. Shattered by nuclear terror and cowered by the new age of apocalyptic capitalism, Japan sold what remained of it’s soul to those who terrorize it. New daddy was happy to have a new slave and helped guide it in this new age.

Yet still far too young to forget innocence. So Kawaii!, first an assertion of the desire to be innocent, later weaponized through Pokemon and the rest for use against the resented USA.

Poison Party

What do you do at parties where everyone is poisoning themselves? Wee Slice brushed a crumb off of his meticulously white shirt while Homoslightly wept. They were thrown out for causing a scene.

A Lifetime of Anonymity

Banksy: “In the future everyone will be anonymous for 15 minutes”.

This quote pertains to the unsuccessful. As with an extension of the Warhol quote, the successful make it a lifetime achievement.

Merely Cynicism

Cynicism can always be counted on to provide part of the story. The problem with cynics is that they believe there’s nothing more.

The Age of the Empty

This is the same as saying “the age of the beautiful” since the empty are always passionate about their skin-deep.


One thing a conqueror does is to allow his victims to keep their eyes and their stomachs, in exchange for erasing their memory so that their eyes and stomachs are useful only to keep themselves alive.

So, how about some nice ham?

Why Americans don’t talk about the apocalypse

One sign that a subject is taboo is that there’s a conspiracy-theory about it. Such a theory is designed to throw off serious discussion on the issue.

The reason the taboo exists about the apocalypse in the United States is that the US is the most harmful nation on earth and bears the most responsibility for the likely apocalypses. While global warming was initiated by Europe much of the damage was caused by ridiculous over-consumption in America.
Likewise, America is the leading nuclear power and has by far the world’s largest military.

Likewise, America controls the global economic system and invented the current apocalyptic form of capitalism called neoliberalism.

Americans love to talk about “when” the apocalypse will happen or refer to the 2012 nonsense, but never talk about the reality of apocalypse. They act as if the apocalypse would be something happening TO them instead of something caused BY them.

Ham, anyone?

It’s difficult to see in the dark

I don’t blame people for not being able to see in the dark. I blame them for not seeking out light sources. No matter how pathetic and lost people are, however, they always find the ability to complain about those who complain about them.

I am so incredibly awesome

Or so I may come to believe if I take video games seriously.

Video game characters rarely have any human frailties or limitations. Very rarely do they get tired, need to eat or sleep, need to stop running and just walk, need to have human contact.

80% of mass-market and 50% of amateur games make the player into a serial killer. Killing is the primary aspect of video gaming in general.

This killing is often genocidal, although on a fairly small scale. It’s not uncommon for a game to feature 2000 to 3000 kills by the player through his avatar or group.

So in game after game, repeatedly, the player is playing or controlling a small scale Mecha Hitler in the body of a lithe 20-something.. A serial killer with an anarchic do-it-yourself attitude.

The rest of the games, the ones that don’t feature killing? Well, they are merely wastes of time.

Meaty Goodness and the Delicious

If it’s true that the women of today seek to be delicious, then perhaps the men seek to be meaty. Big pecs and big cocks. Much meaty goodness for the ladies to consume, as well as their own eyes to marvel at in the mirror.

On Zombies, Werewolves, Vampires, Superheroes, and other subhumans

This is clearly the Age of the Subhuman, at least as far as the mass media is concerned. It’s difficult to find a portrayal of someone with human DNA on-screen these days, especially if one includes all the computer generated images.

In the world of mass media that might be an improvement. Hollywood has long treated it’s human DNA characters with utter contempt. Even when it depicts heroic characters they never miss an opportunity to call attention to themselves.

Love Lost

When I was very young I was terribly confused to see so much misery in the midst of so much material wealth. The political side of things I’ll address next, but a key problem in many American households is a lack of love. Meaning, quite simply, that the two adults married to each other do not love each other.

Let’s begin with a definition of love. Love is eternal warmth. It’s the knowledge that the thing loved will be with you forever in a wonderful way.

To say that humans in general and Americans in particular are ignorant of love would be an understatement. It’s the most important concept in most people’s lives yet few people study it to any extent.

As a result, some people believe that love is having a family. Their spouse is a tool used for the purpose of creating and maintaining that family. If that spouse does not serve the tool’s function adequately, it is disposed of through divorce.

Others believe that love is having a fun bedmate. Choosing the bedmate is like going to the meat market. A well-formed slab of meat is selected, frequent plumbing commences, much fun is had.

Still others believe that love is the result of a similarity contest. They evaluate all prospective mates around them to determine which are most similar to themselves, then declare to have “formed a connection”.

And finally, perhaps the most odious and common definition of love is a kind of utilitarian opportunism. That is to say, one seeks out the “best” sexual partner one can get, where “best” is defined by a set of objective criteria (wealth, age, beauty, intelligence). When the best acquirable partner is acquired, love is declared. Of course, if that “best” partner becomes less than best, through losing their job, disfiguring injury, etc. the “love” is gone.

All of these people call their spouse “a loved one” although such a statement is abominable. This shows up in the divorce rate of 50% (for first-time marriages, subsequent marriages result in divorces at even higher rates) as well as in countless marriages of misery. What percentage of “love” in America is one of the versions of false love? Dare we make that discovery?

The reason for this nonsense surrounding love is debatable. My belief is that since love combined with sexual willingness is rare, Americans have forsaken it for the security of false love, which they can declare exists whenever they want to. If one believes one will not reach the apple, then one picks up a rotten apple off the ground and calls it an apple. Americans are rotten to the core.

Democracy Later

It’s not healthy for people to have so little control over their lives.

The middle-class recently discovered that democracy does not exist for them around the same time that George W. Bush gave yet another contemptuous sneer at their political wishes.

The people of Hawaii discovered that democracy does not exist, at least not for them, in 1893 when they were conquered and later annexed into the American Empire.

The Native Americans were the first Americans to learn that democracy does not exist, at least not for them. Africans discovered that truth soon after.

We see that democracy always exists, as long as one remains the dominator. The American upper-class talks frequently about democracy, indicating that they have not yet been conquered and hence taught the truth.

So Israelis talk about democracy and Palestinians know better.

Until everyone has democracy there is no democracy. In order for everyone to have control over their life there must be no unauthorized force which controls peoples’ lives.

Abandoning the White Man’s Burden

Our young people are burden-free. They are also values-free, decency-free, morality-free – they have no substance. They talk a lot and cling to each other for comfort. Their cell phones are their security blankets and magical totems. In their nightclubs they lose themselves and each other in the darkness.

Just another gamer

Kid Skittles fiddled in his mind while the world burned. He sagged. Not his world. His eyes glittered with pulses of color from the glowing screen in front of him. Big Daddy Sam would take care of the outside while he cleansed his spirit with digital wonder. How strange that the cleansing always made him feel dirtier.

There’s always a story behind those who abuse themselves. This one begins with Hiroshima and Nagasaki, takes a terrible turn in Vietnam, features an American Crash in 1983 (video game crash) and a Japanese Savior with the Nintendo Entertainment System. A dying American political system left the decimated youth looking across the ocean. Japanese capitalists were only too happy to oblige, and Mario was the first of many seductive snaps. Pokemon brought the laughing domination to new heights, punishing the guilt-fueled American obsessives with the command to “gotta catch ‘em all!”.

So have compassion for Kid Skittles as he scatters, skids, and spins. He was born in the USA.

Young Couple

Meat Shield protected his woman while Yum Tasty sparkled. What a pretty pair as they primped and twirled. They ended with another pose.


Nick Drake

The Eagles, especially “The Last Resort”

“We’ll Be a Dream” by We the Kings

“Runaway Train” by Soul Asylum


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