Level 9!!!!!!!!!

The Hero saw a beautiful woman, and couldn’t even smile at her. He isn’t repressed – that’s a concept invented by monsters otherwise known as psychologists. He is externally controlled – he’s had control of his own life seized from him and no longer has the will to lead “his own” life as there is no “him” in said life. It’s not a failure of The Hero – it’s an aspect of imperial society in the age of totalitarianism. Individuals are controlled by the ruling class and rendered powerless.
Psychologists want us to be “well adjusted” – to be happy slaves – to give up our desires of power in freedom and wallow in consolation – whether that consolation is a new car or a snug vagina. Psychologists are not our friends – we are the slaves and they are using whips.
In inverted societies all “being a man” means is being a happy slave – with a happy wife and happy children and doing nothing at all to change the society. Utter selfishness, utterly pathetic. This is what we call a “good” person. An upstanding member of the community. A true monster.

The Hero wanted to stumble but couldn’t. He wanted to fall but remained erect, fully erect forever, forced to kill and kill again. As a farmer he was so young. As a hero his soul is rotting and decaying.


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