Level 7!!!!!!!

One reason to play games is to prove you’re not a killer, like one point of drinking alcohol is to prove you’re not a drunk. It’s like being injected with a small amount of a virus to make you immune to the real-world variation. In a diseased society people seek to alleviate their fear of the disease by controlling the disease and to control it, they must embrace it. So gamers are combating their violent urges just as drinkers are fighting their despair. It’s a process of gaining self-control.
Games provide a “safe” medium to act out dark fantasies, and show the utter self-fear of gamers, to believe that they could give in to their dark fantasies if not for games, as a drinker believes he might become a drunk if not for his drinking. It’s a way of life built on fear of the self, and it’s anything but safe.

The Hero saw on the side of a monastery scrawled in creamy white paste: “Big Rod was here”. It very much bothered him and made him want to lose himself in his sword again. So he did, and more “monsters” died.


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