Level 6!!!!!!

The Hero stroked his blade, glistening with fallen tears as he swiped it back and forth through the air. It needed another conquest, another warm snug home, another body tensed and then left limp and dead. This is called “masculinity”, an inverted term that means the exact opposite, what might be called anti-masculinity. This surrounded me as I grew up in Niles, Michigan in the 1980s, where boys grasped for girls’ breasts and boasted of “zipless fucks”. Their training to become anti-men clearly went well and they’ve overwhelmingly succeeded by now, if the divorce rate and rate of spousal abuse are any indication.

From his most recent conquest The Hero gained a breastplate, which he proudly wore. The corpse was of no matter, The Hero had already moved on and all is forgiven, all may be sacrificed in the name of saving the world.
In many games corpses are not only bloodless, they quickly disappear. In others they remain, but rarely do they have any impact on the living inhabitants of the world. Life is cheap and corpses just part of the scenery.


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