Level 4!!!!

The Hero saw a leopard amid the craggy rocks. While he would never attack one even when fully terrorized, his immortality assured the attempt and eventually the success. He found, however, that it was much more efficient to only kill monsters that couldn’t kill him with respect to the rate at which he gained power. It’s better to be a bully than a victim.
So The Hero moved on, depopulating, whole regions once teeming with life now dead, no sounds to disturb The Hero’s inner distress. The distress of his victims was pleasure to him – if he attacked something by definition it’s a monster. Monsters have only one right – the right to die violently. He took from them the only things which mattered to him – experience and loot.

The Hero’s distress becomes acute. One never realizes the pleasure of eating, drinking, or defecating until one can no longer do them. The Hero couldn’t even walk anymore. Always running, never tired, never sleepy. Those things which supposedly make him a hero cause him to lose his humanity. What’s the point of saving the world if you lose yourself?

Why are they doing this? Why do 80% of mainstream computer games and even 50% of amateur computer games feature killing as the primary mode of gameplay?

What if 80% of computer games were about dolphins? Even if dolphins cannot be objected to, the overwhelming treatment of dolphins indicates an industry creatively bankrupt.
To those many people with their usual objection of “It’s just a game”, then how about 80% of games be about anal rape, or lobotomies?
Why would so many things be objected to by gamers, but never murder?


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