Level 3!!!

The Hero saw a man doing unspeakable things to a rabbit with his penis. Shocked – what’s this world coming to? – he turned back to his project of mass slaughter while deluded.
The Hero encountered a small bear, attacked it, and was mauled to death. Although sure he had briefly lost consciousness, The Hero found himself alive, uninjured, and where he was just a few minutes before fighting the bear. This event was so confusing he barely noticed his legs wouldn’t take him in the direction he wanted, back to the bear to try again.
So The Hero, a paragon of might and bravery according to the developer, can’t even die. The wonders of the Reload Function assures The Hero of his immortality. The only way to kill the Hero is to damage the hard drive his files are stored on, and monsters in the game have no ability to do that. The game always pretends this isn’t the case, as if The Hero is undertaking great risk and sacrifice.
In a terrible world terror becomes a necessity. Why is the Hero killing? Is this trial by fire – immersing oneself in evil in order to eventually dominate and destroy it? Paladins are never found among the angels in heaven – always among the devils in hell. Can you distinguish a paladin from a devil? Do addicts ever win?


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