Level 26!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

God smiled at his creation. “God” is the nickname given to the lead programmer of the game Adam is playing. He creates worlds, each more spectacular than the last. He eclipses God, who pathetically is satisfied with just the one world, and such a sad one at that. In “God’s” worlds all is lush, all are nubile and strong, there is no disease and death is only to monsters who deserve their fate. There is no crime, no suffering, no toil, and always a hero to help with tasks the townspeople can’t do themselves. Yet terror is always present, of what will happen without the hero there to save the world.
God thought about The Sims 3, a game he had not created but much admired. All is bright and cheerful, even the fights. There are no doctors, no injuries. Women’s breasts never sag, no matter their age. There are a few criminals, none of whom impact the upwardly mobile nature of the entire society. One can name a solar body after themselves, have a friendship in minutes, find a $100 rock, do everything difficult or impossible to do in real life. This game is the culmination of the vision of Disney and Barrie mixed with a slice of realism.
God’s creations never need to rest, eat, or defecate. They never need sleep, friendship, or love. All they need is a quest, a mission, a goal, which the player ceaselessly helps them accomplish. They can spend the entire game running, fighting, killing. Pure action, pure energy.
God creates in his idealized image. This goal-driven creature, a mere fraction of a human being is what represents masculinity to God – a man always active, always striving. Characters in video games never think, never reflect, contemplate, consider, since that is deemed weak and a waste of time. Conan the Barbarian agrees.


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