Level 25!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Adam sat alone, staring into the long night. He never could stand the terror of that night for long, always returning to zen union or Lilith fantasies. Tonight was no exception, and he smiled in bitter pleasure at his weakness, full of his own terrible extinction. Adam wishes that he and the rest of humanity would die off. Maybe an asteroid would do the job as happened to the dinosaurs. Global warming will take a while. His hope in nuclear holocaust now seems unlikely.
Adam hated his parents and their inadequacies. If only he could stomp on them like he did the ants during his childhood.
When would humanity learn? When would their smiles of ignorance turn to grimaces of knowledge? Adam would have to save them all.

Since the world is lost there are no more men in the world. What Adam is fighting to be is the first digital man, the first agent of tremendous power and authority in the manufactured reality which is replacing the dying world. Eden is a kingdom, Adam its perpetual king, from whom all life descends. Adam sensed in himself this kingly nature and the promise it held for digital paradise’s role in saving the world.


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