Level 24!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Doom is the greatest game ever made, Adam realized. Nothing better captured the reality of Fukuyama’s “End of History” world, a world dominated by the global capitalist empire headquartered in Washington D.C. Doom was a journey through biological, wet, messy hell, blood spurting, dark heavy breathing, much pain. Descent followed soon after, the high tech version. Then Blizzard made their mark, and gaming became Disneyfied, seductive and irresponsible, under a cover of “ease of use” and “inclusive”. Disney’s style of color saturation was mimicked to make World of Warcraft.
Robotron 2084 was a survival horror game long before the term was invented. It was only a matter of time before you died – there were none of the reload functions which prevent death. That marks the difference between Arcade philosophy and Home-user philosophy – arcades were all about ending the game as quickly as possible while home games are about extending the game to the greatest possible length, derived from the different financial models for the two industries. It’s always a matter of maximizing profit in a capitalist world.
Pinball machines were perfect musical accompaniments to the garish neon lights of the 1970s. They sounded the right note of sensual and Zen decadence that would define the video game age. So Mr. Leary’s Zombie philosophy of “turn on, tune in, drop out” was embraced, with the necessary result that the 30,000 deaths per day directly caused by the capitalist machine were not prevented, as well as the other problems of the world shunted aside with dreams of glory enabled by digital vampirism.
Such dreams! Role-playing games feature lush worlds of meaningful violence, camaraderie, heroism, and ever growing power – resulting in eventual godhood. First-person shooters evoke the power to kill and kill again, enemies falling away and instantly forgotten. Strategy games are based on war – leading your troops to victory, your empire to world domination. Adventure games allow exploration of fascinating worlds much more worthwhile than the real one.
All of this every gamer knows. It’s never a matter of education – that’s a ruse designed to make educators feel good about their irrelevancy – “fighting the good fight”. It’s a matter of choosing whether or not to oppose the global overlords and their system of world domination – whether to oppose neoliberalism, free market fundamentalism, totalitarianism, industrialization, civilization. The excuse most “decent” people give for not undertaking this war is “feeding the family”, a major reason why revolutionaries tend not to have families.


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