Level 23!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The serpent slithered into the vacant civic community. Everyone was gone now, at home amusing themselves all the while proclaiming themselves Christian. What scheme could the serpent concoct to save the world from these people? His last one, Neoliberalism/Neoconservatism, turned out badly. He sought to so degrade the world, so degrade the Global Capitalist Empire, that the people would finally become enraged and undertake the socialist revolution. Was it stubbornness that kept them from doing so? Apathy? Wisdom? Despair? At least the final and most desperate attempt, the George W. Bush presidency, provided much amusement. Neoliberalism will continue, but the heart is no longer beating – it’s just a machine now.

The serpent loved the Japanese. They embraced his scheme with zeal, unlike the morose and listless Americans. They never quite understood it though, so there was never hope of a revolution there.
Without the near genocide in Vietnam and the integration of China into the Global Empire there was no scheme – the serpent is so thankful to the Chinese Elite for their support – the riches bestowed on them was a very fair deal.


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