Level 22!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Brian Koontz slithered down from the trees, belly joyously caressing the earth. Into Adam’s house and up golden stairs he climbed.
“I have something to tell you, warrior”.

Adam smiled and held out his hand, “I can handle anything”.

“Civilization has always been corrupt. You know that. You are a product of civilization with all of its weaknesses. You believe that warriors are the bravest of all people, not the most cowardly.

Adam: “The most cowardly! You are a fool”.

Brian: “Icarus did not fly too close to the sun out of pride or joy in the heights, but out of a death urge. To kill others is to kill oneself”.

Brian: “To go to the battlefield and know that you will return either a hero or a corpse, while those left behind are doomed to mediocre status, does that require bravery?”

Adam: “What you say is blasphemous”.

Brian: “In this world the truth is always blasphemous. We live a shattered life, picking up valued shards of the fallen God and trying to fuse them with preferred truths. The results are often terrible.”

Adam: “I’m not interested in what you’re saying”.

Brian: “No, I suppose not. Nor will be most others. Before I go, one more thing. The principle of inverted truth which calls cowards brave applies generally in society. It’s the ideal method of recruitment. Calling sterile porn stars “studs” or high powered rifle deer hunters “manly” directly contradicts the truth, alleviating the terror of undertaking those activities. Thus warriors are “brave”, and will likely continue to be as long as our “wonderful” rulers need to continue to recruit suckers for their disgusting conquests”.

Adam: “Are you finished?”

Brian: “For now. Truth has a way of returning, however”.

Adam: “I envision a world where there is no truth”.

Brian wrote, this time to the reader:
The integration of Christianity with the Roman Empire was most fortunate for the Empire, extending it long past its due date. Ordained by God, this new Holy Roman Empire and its Western successor could do whatever it pleased with no remorse. Existentialism as a replacement for Christianity does exactly the same thing – the point is to perpetuate the myth that Western civilization has a conscience, just as the French Revolution perpetuates the myth that the West is democratic and free. It was precisely when the West was becoming totalitarian, following the colonization of the world by the West, that the French Revolution came in to offer a myth which would serve as a false historical narrative.
It’s an easy prediction that when Existentialism falls something will take its place, serving the same purpose. The elite are currently weighing the pros and cons of a “New Humanism” guided in part by Orwell and Chomsky. Existentialism will only fall after it’s replacement is ready to take over.

Love filled Adam one day, hate the next. Not “split personalities” – two sides of the same coin. There is so much to love in humans, and so much to hate.
In an age of rule by giant multinational corporations individuals have no political power. Yet what did American culture do in the aftermath of the planned failure of the 1960s? – infantilize and render naïve and “good” successive generations – social engineering on the level of the individual – rather than attack the corporate power structure. The results have been and continue to be horrific. It’s grossly unfair to blame the American elite for the neoliberal/neoconservative culture – the entire middle class/ruling class power structure was on the same page, with only the poor putting up any resistance. The problem in America is the same as the problem in all imperial societies – even the poorest American is middle class, globally. There is no impetus for change in imperial societies since the true victims are never part of the society.


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