Level 21!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

“Tales from the Darkside of Dreamscape Living” – Adam set aside the rare book and tuned into his online game, World of Warcraft. His Level 85 Dwarf Warrior will soon lead his group of 25 elite guildsmen into Grim Batol to kill the infamous Deathwing and gain great treasure. They do this every week and will do it until the next part of the game is released in 2012. Each expansion of the game nullifies the point of going through the current top dungeons. The Grind of endless treasure attainment and dungeon runs is the financial model for this type of game.
Many top players enjoy preening and primping more than anything else. They stand in the main cities, bedecked in their top gear, strutting about. Newer players behold what marvelous adornment awaits them when they too have fully wasted their lives.
Adam sneered at these posers. They should be more industrious – they could be gathering valuable resources for their guilds.
After checking to make sure none of his players were in that throng Adam logged onto http://www.wowjutsu.com to check his guild’s U.S. ranking – damn, still 3rd. His server didn’t have the top talent of some.


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