Level 20!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Adam awoke from another night of dreamless sleep. Dreams are irrelevant – he’s glad to not have to deal with them. What is not irrelevant is his progression in this game. The Hero is Level 20 – proceeding toward the endgame and the Dragon. Adam is torn between the desire to conquer the game and prolonging it – he knows the depression that always follows the completion of a game, replaced only by hope and anticipation when a new game comes along.
Adam has friends of course – online friends. He’s in a large guild in an online game. He has many friends on Facebook and MySpace and Twitter.
Sometimes he goes to clubs where “friends” socialize without being able to see or hear each other – lost in a tumult of anonymous bodies doused in happy juice.
So many friends! How pathetic that people used to have few friends and have to say meaningful things to them, have to deal with their lives and problems. How quaint.
Welcome to the Shadow World. Modern America has become a carnival parody of true reality – inverted, misshapen, awash in color and devoid of substance.
For Adam and so many others this is all part of reaching heaven. Dante helped corrupt the West by seducing it into believing that the way to reach heaven is through the deepest pit of hell. The West has been questing for that deepest pit ever since – Dante and imperialism are one and the same concept – where would global capitalism be today without him?
This is not to say that one man ever has any great effect. The emergent capitalist class promoted Dante for their purposes – he’s a tool in a machine.


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