Level 2!!

It’s exciting to become a better killer. More things to fear you, attack you, which you can then claim self-defense against whenever your claim of monstrosity in them is insufficient. So while wild animals would never bother a farmer, this crazed-eyed blood-soaked fiend before them caused them fear, which caused them to fight, giving the Hero excuse to slaughter them.
Whenever the Hero kills something, the Developer grants him experience points. This can make him stronger, faster, smarter, quicker, or otherwise improve him. If it’s a bit disconcerting to participate in making a serial killer more effective at what he does, just remember that he is Saving the World and that this is a Fun Game, and far from detest what you’re doing, you’ll revel in it, just as our young Hero is.
The Hero killed another evil beast and felt himself become stronger. He loved this feeling of growing power almost as much as he loved saving the world. When playing these games, an obvious question is why aren’t there more people in the world who take the path of The Hero? If the world is really filled with monsters, one would think that it wouldn’t be just a lone Hero, and always an untrained one at that, to stop the threat. Another staple of RPGs are the good but cowardly villagers, who are never themselves monsters (that status is reserved for creatures living outside civilization) and always need a Hero to save them, from their own cowardice as much as from any external threat.


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