Level 19!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Adam is going to save the world. Games are training him for real world excellence. Every conquered game is another notch in his belt, bringing him closer to the superman state of achievement which he will then transfer to the disaster of the real outside his bubble.
Adam looks with scorn and derision upon the world – regular petty people with their wasted lives. The world is dying all around them and they neither know nor care – most contribute to the calamity. He will save the world from these scum.
Real women disgust Adam – sometimes he believes that they have caused the world to decay. Lilith on the other hand is amazing – flawless in a way only a digital creation can be. She never ages, can be turned on or off at will, smiles at Adam and desires him. Lilith will become an android soon – for now she is a computer simulation.
Adam’s parents are lost in despair, anguish, and anxiety. They communicate through irrational psychic means rather than rational verbal ones. They blame themselves for the failure of revolution in the 1960s and for purposes of self-torment embrace even more fully the decadent materialistic lifestyle they claimed to oppose when they were young.
They claimed to be ignorant then – as if America had not been an imperial project from the very beginning – the final expansive move in the European Empire. They claimed to be shocked at the police crackdown of and brutality against the demonstrators of the 1960s. These claims serve as justification for their self-delusion. Their decadence, you see, isn’t their fault – it’s the simple result of emotional trauma derived from their disillusionment.
And so Adam will never be disillusioned. Certainly not in school, where disinformation passes for knowledge. Not at home, where all truth is translated into trauma, with the only solution as escape – into sex, or video games, or whatever other addiction can be rendered perpetual.
Adam knows that there is no hope. Blanket upon blanket of terror and deception cover all light, goodness, and truth. Remove a blanket and be called a traitor, fallen upon and torn to pieces. One might as well enjoy the imperial good life while one can, or vehemently protest against the empire while doing nothing useful against it, if one’s conscience is so unfortunate as to require such.
The Hero is Adam’s sword of justice, if not in this world at least in the next best thing.


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