Level 18!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nietzsche and Kafka are celebrated by the Western Elite for their departure from their world into an inner spiritual world. Well aware of the terrible social crimes they were committing, both could only justify themselves with a pretense that they were saving the world – a pretense the totalitarian Western empire was only too happy to take seriously – a populace turning away from the world is so much easier to control – Existentialism is the religion that replaces God.
Adam is the spiritual successor to such “great men” – men of such tremendous morality that they are annihilating the world.
Adam looked away from the game for a moment, a blank look on his face. Everything in his room was left right there when it became useless. Adam’s pride in his Zen focus made him happy that his room and himself radiated a stench. That didn’t bother him in the slightest.
Adam thought of his younger days, when he terrorized his brother just as his parents terrorized him. Why wouldn’t Joe just do what he said?
The world doesn’t appreciate him, doesn’t love him, and the feeling is mutual. Why spend time there? It’s a wasteland and a waste.
Goethe’s Faust brings us Adam’s worldview, substituting manufactured worlds for Faust’s version of the ideal world:

Faust (to the Devil):
Never to give up striving with all my energy is what I promise.
I aimed too high.
I’m only fit to be with the likes of you.
The great Spirit rejects me,
Nature shuts her gates against me,
the thread of thought is snapped, and for ages now
I’ve loathed the blight of knowledge.
Let us satisfy our passions in the throws of sensuality.
Surround me with your wonders
and I’ll never ask to know what’s behind them.
Let us plunge ourselves into the roar of time,
the maelstrom of chance,
hit or miss,
pain or pleasure,
however it comes,
never ceasing,
always doing.
There’s no other way.

Mephistopheles responds:
You’re free.
Do as you please.
No restrictions.
Every delight is yours for the taking,
every pleasure yours to be snatched at will.
And may they agree with you.
Just be certain of one thing:
Be bold.
Take what you want!

Don’t you hear?
Pleasure means nothing to me.
I dedicate myself herewith
to the frenzy of dissipation,
to joy that is pain, and pain joy,
to adoring hatred, and hatred that is love,
to torments that refresh, and refreshing exhaustion.
My soul healed of the lust for knowledge,
I lay myself open to the world’s pain and suffering.
In my innermost self
I will experience all that humankind experiences,
the heights and the depths,
the sorrows and delights,
and doing so expand myself to encompass
all of humanity, and, in the end,
shatter like a ship in a storm.


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