Level 17!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And so we find Adam pulling out his penis in the bathroom. He serves its need, a need he wishes he didn’t have. Adam prefers to have no body – nothing to feed, to rest, to hassle him with its weaknesses. His consciousness one with the worlds he buys for $50 each.
Lost in such wonderful dreams, he is enraged by his mother calling him for dinner. He tames his rage with a polite sneer and descends to the kitchen, where the meal goes quickly, uneventfully, and without reality. Then a climb upward where the real world awaits.
What a world! Lush plains, thick forests, undulating grass. None of that fills the dull grayness outside his window. All of the worlds Adam inhabits, no matter how violent, are far better than this one.
Conan the Barbarian taught us that justice is only found at the end of a blade – wielded by a simple brutal man. Games follow this junction of brutal morality faithfully. Adam is all about control. He’s an elite gamer. His mouse is precise, his timing flawless. Zen is his philosophy, not for life of course but for gaming. In every game Adam plays he’s the center of the universe. He controls the plot, who lives or dies. He controls time itself.
Adam’s fingers twitched and another minotaur died. THIS is power – not playing the corporate ladder game, climbing over human bodies – this is moral power – this is how to truly prove one’s worth.
Adam’s body is locked in Zen immobility except for his hand and eyes and mind – these scour the land for more victims to feed the burgeoning power of the Hero. Their deaths are his glory – enough glory and the game ends and a new one begins.


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