Level 16!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Adam was playing a game. He liked it. It was fun. His character gained more and more power, killed more and more monsters. Power and morality were one at the end of his always-sharp blade.
Adam has played other games of course – games are his life. Most games feature him and his arsenal of weapons committing genocide, usually on the pretext that the victims are monsters or otherwise deserving of their fate. 80% of video games reviewed by the major reviewers feature killing, almost always mass killing, as the primary gameplay motive. Of this Adam neither knows nor cares. Killing and the feeling of power associated with it is fun, and besides, it’s only a game, so what’s the harm? Digital bloodbath after digital bloodbath ensues, cleaned up instantly with the start of the next one. The “eternal recurrence” of genocide.
The bloodbath of the moment was halfway done. Greatness lay ahead, what the game had been building to from the very first moment. Adam’s greatness.
Adam ate a bite of pizza. Food was there to keep him going – fuel for continuation, the next victory. When his days of glory were over he was over. So pizza, mountain dew, coffee, energy drinks, chips, fuel for the short-term high and eventual terminal crash.
Adam knows nothing of history. History is irrelevant to his future. He doesn’t know that the ruling morality of masculine domination and conquest ended in the late 18th century with the decline of European expansion in the world. A new totalitarian morality emerged. The empire needed to be maintained by enslaving the enemy within – the Western populace. This populace was fitted into roles, partitioned, as bureaucracies emerged. They were desexualized, disinformed, ritualized, raped of their religion and denied their dignity as they were encouraged to wallow in debauchery. This was the Age of Consumerism, the Age of Distraction, of Plastic morphing ambiguity. As saviors the rulers executed the Terror State, the Security State, ostensibly to protect the people from themselves. In reality, to protect themselves and their crimes from the people.
And so we find Adam, who fancies himself a pioneer of a brave new manufactured world an utter pathetic slave, dead and weeping for the past and present crimes of the very empire he so devoutly serves by abandoning the real world.


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