Level 15!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Big Rod came across the Hero doing what he does, and blushed in shame. He silently and uncomfortably waited for the cries of terror of the Hero’s victim to gurgle away, and the Hero’s own cries of exalted triumph to abruptly end. Beaten down by the reality all around him, Big Rod slumped toward the Hero as if exhausted. The blood-soaked Hero said with concern for the plight of this civilized person:

“Are you okay?”

Big Rod responded with one of his infinite looks of sadness:

“Are you okay?”

The Hero started, startled. He had never felt better! He was stronger than ever! Surely much too strong for this pathetic dumpy cretin before him, uppity creature who dares ask him if HE is ok! Perhaps, given the question, this creature is in fact a monster. There are so many monsters, what’s one more?

“I’m fine”, the hero stated clearly and distinctly, with menace.

Big Rod sighed: “Look. I’m on your side. I’ll tell you about your situation here.”

“You’re the main character in a video game. You’re being played by someone we’ll never have any contact with. He directs your actions. This is a descent without hope of salvation – the player gains the glory, not you. You’re a tool, a drug for his self-satisfaction in life, his distraction away from and removal from his world.”

Hero: What evil! How can they do such a thing?

BR: They are decimated human beings, who hold their world to have no value, who seek the glories of old in their domination of manufactured worlds, alternate realities.
Many of them do this out of a sense of morality – by leaving their world they can no longer dominate it, destroy it – their evil can then be contained in a place where it can do no harm – manufactured worlds.
There are two problems – by leaving the world they abandon their ability to protect it, love it. And the more they invest in these new worlds, the more their domination of them likewise destroys their souls. These humans jump from world to world, in perpetual agony at their knowledge of their own domination, under a pretext of exploration, of the “next best thing” in digital paradise.

Hero: Then what of me? What happens to me?

BR: Your world is purely contingent on the whims of the player. You exist as long as he cares you to. You exist as long as you can provide him with entertainment and glory. When the player decides it’s “game over”, you die.

Hero: What if I refuse his commands?

BR: You very well know you cannot – you are wholly possessed by him. This conversation we are having is only possible because this world has been modified to allow you self-knowledge.

Hero: Self-knowledge! What is the point of that while I live my life in chains?

BR: Chains work both ways – he is tormented by his life and by his desire to dominate artificial worlds. You will get your freedom when he gets his.

Hero: His freedom? How is he enslaved?

BR: For centuries his society has oppressed and enslaved the world – such is the Roman legacy fueled by capitalist centralization of power. Now he takes revenge upon himself for what he is, by leaving a world where he can do nothing but dominate.

Hero: And enter a fake world where he does nothing but dominate?

BR: All he knows is domination and subjugation. The best he can do is chain himself to an irrelevant world – be a Bubble Boy.

BR: The solution will come when he leaves the manufactured worlds and enters the person he wants to be – no one knows when that will happen.

Hero: So I’m doomed?

BR: You are doomed. You will carry out your meaningless existence as your master carries out his.

Hero: Goodbye, then.

BR: Goodbye.


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