Level 14!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Big Rod considers the economy of role-playing video games:
Richard Garriott (derived from Gary Gygax and Dave Arneson) taught us that stealing is wrong. Stealing is defined as taking material possessions from civilized sources. Looting, on the other hand, is greatly encouraged. Looting is defined as taking material possessions from non-civilized sources, usually the corpses of enemies or monsters. This looting allows one to become more powerful, kill more powerful enemies, and loot even better equipment.
This is always an individual project – the people of the world are viewed as useless cowards or worse while the hero or band of heroes must ignore them or exploit them while saving the world for them. Monsters are worthy only of death, the people only of derision – such is the view of game publishers and their developer lackeys. The concept that the player should not be the center of the universe but rather should organize the people so that they can kill the dragon or the player should participate in such an organization is not part of gaming, due to the supposed belief of game publishers that gamers are vain monsters who demand digital glory.


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