Level 12!!!!!!!!!!!!

Big Rod had the consolation of talking to himself.
“Video games predominately feature civilized peoples bringing order to the world by acting as judge, jury, and executioner toward hundreds or thousands of living creatures, either implacable foes or more commonly, hideous or malevolent monsters. It is a cleansing, a structuring, a raising civilization on high and a demonization of everything outside that civilization. It’s not just an us vs. them, it’s a completely extroverted rage against the other, presupposing without any examination the righteousness of the civilization one kills for.”
Big Rod and his tool of ultimate procreation would save the world. He stroked it, feeling it’s power, it’s hardness gliding back and forth through the air. For every corpse The Hero and other monsters produced Big Rod produces a life. Women are noble – but only as receptacles for his seed.


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