Level 11!!!!!!!!!!!

Big Rod finished up inside a farmer’s daughter. Feeling self-satisfied, he rose up and left.
He had graduated to humans from rabbits and other beasts at Level 6. The power of evolution is so wonderful – such grand beings we are becoming.
Having evolved slightly further, his ever-lengthening cock paralleling The Hero’s ever-burgeoning killing ability, Big Rod sought out a woman with slightly clearer skin, slightly firmer tits.

Oh what our culture teaches us. It’s about experience – we get better at killing by killing and better at fucking by fucking. As we get more loot and better “equipment” we can kill (perhaps in a business sense) wealthier and smarter foes, fuck younger and more beautiful women.
Big Rod is an avid student, and he applies the sexual capitalist ethos, making his teachers so proud. Boys will be boys – go get ‘em tiger!


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