Level 10!!!!!!!!!!

The Hero wished he could wash his hands in the blood of his latest victim. Anything to feel closer – to have some greater connection to his life. He wished he could stop and watch the bandit as he went about his daily life. He wished he could run in the field, smell the new grass, feel the wind. As he killed the bandit he looked into his eyes, seeing the terror, loss, and infinite sadness as he was torn from the world he loved. The Hero’s own eyes were blank and lifeless, as his creators wish and he must fulfill.

Games teach us that saving the world is all about killing. It’s never about building and then implementing democratic political organizations. It’s never about bringing corporations to justice or changing their structure. Nobody has played a game like that because noone has made one.
Game developers tell us that they are making games as adrenaline rushes, to give us things to fear and the tools to make the fear go away. Their ideal game is the ultimate bungee jump, with guns in both hands blazing away.
In any other industry, even Hollywood which holds some standards, these people would be ridiculed and marginalized. But in gaming, the inmates are running the asylum.


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