Level 1!

The Hero ran around his village, stealing equipment and supplies. He justified everything by being a Man on a Mission, on a Quest to Save the World, and the villagers mostly acquiesced by sleeping. So the Hero acquired a rusty sword and creaky shield, and bits and pieces of leather to cover his body. Yesterday he was a farmer and gatherer, today a thief and killer, err adventurer and savior, and thought nothing of this change in his life.
There is no need to let the village fully respond to just how much he stole, including money, so he left in the early morning. He needed to save the world, but there wasn’t much time. So when he encountered rats in the field he imagined them to be Giant Rats, red blazing eyes and bristling teeth, and put them out of his misery with swipes of his sword, all set to a most dramatic musical track sure to be a hit with reviewers. When the “battle” against the fearsome rats ended and the music faded he felt empty, and looked around for something else to kill. He found some pigs, or perhaps Wild Boars, as his creator friend upstairs would have us believe, and dispatched them as well. There is no real need to stick around to deal with cleaning up the corpses or explaining his actions to outraged farmers, so he moved on. The Enabler for these atrocities believes he’s really populating the world with monsters – he’s far more deluded than our Hero. His delusion becomes our reality, or so he would have us believe.


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