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Internet Hipster

April 21, 2010

Oh so informed
So ahead of the game
So apart from it all
So critical

Everything’s a joke, but never on you
Everything’s beneath you
What’s that mountain made of you’re standing on?

The Modern Simplicity

April 21, 2010

Better to be an addict or embrace the truth?
Clearly the modern question
This terrible, terrible chaos and them so helpless

The addict picks his poison and smiles at the choice
His last before the long night takes him
Glaring at others who lead such empty lives

They respond with a smile of happiness
They’ve made the right choice
To dance and play and laugh in the maw of darkness

So either/or
These humans and their two choices
Their good and evil
They see nothing else


April 19, 2010

Your passion shows in your eyes
You need to be somewhere else
Be someone else

Over the rainbow, under the bridge
The grass is always greener
Your mind is always racing
To create what is not there

You speak of love but all there is is need
You bleed and all there is is liquid
You die and all there is is flesh

You are not of this world
Nihilism, love, life, none of that is real
You want to rev your engine but there’s nowhere to go

Too Visual

April 19, 2010

Shallow man
Your eyes deceive you
All that glitters is not gold

“I’d hit that”
Your eyes glisten
Your cock hardens
For that non-existent image

Your fantasies are in black and white
Devoid of life
You’re the sex-god with the monster cock
Servicing all the ladies

They will exploit you
Give you all you need
Feed you image after image
Sell you pill after pill
Chain you with perpetual distraction

What a pathetic wife you have
Does she have perfect breasts?
Is her skin unblemished?
She is unworthy of the screen
Only worthy of being alive
Do you think that matters?

Saving the World, One Corpse at a Time

April 17, 2010

This is a short story I began in 2006 and overhauled and re-wrote several months ago. I’m posting it here by “chapters”, from Level 0 through Game Over.