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On Whites, Blacks, Women, and Jews

February 4, 2010

There’s a misperception surrounding the civil rights movement of the 1960s. The myth states that black people finally became fed up with their treatment and with the help of enlightened whites became integrated into white society.

Shedding the myth yields some facts about global capitalism – the 1960s and the Vietnam War ushered in the final era of global capitalism, known later as “globalization”. Capitalism requires continually growing markets, continual increases in the number of consumers.

Capitalism hates racism, in the same sense that a supermarket likes all customers, as long as they behave themselves and spend money.

This is the same reason women became “liberated”, by which is meant they too became capitalist consumers and laborers.

The “civil rights movement” provided the ideal myth so that all parties could feel good about themselves.

We may have entered the next stage of human history after late capitalism. Capitalism and everything that goes with it was created by whites. The next stage, the apocalyptic stage, is led by jews.

The apocalyptic stage will last at least 50 years and feature terrible ecological and political convulsions. Capitalism as we know it will not survive. Jews are the “chosen people” and feel that if anyone will survive these violent times, it will be them. So they are excited and energized like never before in their history.