The french revolution as myth

By the mid 18th century the Western Empire with the exception of the United States (which would have it’s Manifest Destiny imperative until WWI) was tapped out. The world had been conquered, the Age of Expansion was nearing it’s end, and this empire needed to create a new type of human being, replacing the then-current aggressive masculinity.

Goethe was the first philosopher of this new age, an age marked by supposed uncertainty and despair. He wrote “The Sorrows of Young Werther” which caused a sensation in a culture believing itself without identity.

Goethe openly embraced femininity, but not as a challenge to the existing power structure – as a way to perpetuate the empire.

For Goethe poetry was a means of self-therapy.

This “without identity” in fact was, and still is, the identity. Existentialism does not pose a problem – Existentialism is a *solution*. The empire needed to move from an expansive to a static condition. It needed to stop its outward focus and look inward, for which Goethe was the first model and ideal citizen and later, Nietzsche the fanatical buffoon.

The need to perpetuate this “static condition” meant that humans became static slaves. Not just the exploited humans, but the exploiters as well. The 18th century saw the beginnings of totalitarianism, bureaucracies, and serious psychology.

What better way to introduce a new age of slavery than a grand gesture of freedom? So 15 years after “The Sorrows of Young Werther” began the french revolution. It’s purpose then was the same as now – to convince the Western Empire that it’s free.

To convince humanity that monarchs are the tyrants, whereas the tyrannical need to maintain the empire (a need perpetuated by the ruling class regardless of it’s details) is written out of the history books entirely – one of the great crimes of Western Civilization.

To be “civilized” means to be created by the Western Empire for it’s own purposes. When we look at Americans, or Germans, or Brits today we see not evolution but imperial *production* – humans molded to support the needs of the empire.

This is why wealthy imperialists whine about their non-existent problems, have “addictions”, go to endless self-therapy or psychiatric sessions, neurotically spin tales, have “issues” or “bad hair days”, hide their “true” selves. None of it is real but yet all of it is real – it fulfills the real need of making sure they don’t take any action that might harm the empire.

Not everyone is dull enough to watch television all day, another method of being harmless. One can watch TV, play games, “hang out” with friends, raise a family, or be neurotic. It’s all the same thing. It’s a matter of supporting the needs of the empire.

The empire and it’s monstrous citizens are quite clever. They confuse neurotic with “profound”. They bless “friends and family” as “normal” and TV and games they call recreation, unless there’s too much of it in which case they should increase “normal” activities of friends and family.

EVERY aspect of this system is designed to ensure obedience. Not only do Western slaves believe themselves to be free, they fully believe their problems are important, they fully believe their “inward-looking” is indicative of their wisdom and culture, something to be treasured.

*They* are always the correct ones. No debate is necessary.

Anyone who says anything else simply doesn’t know what he’s talking about. Deluded perhaps, or hateful.
Certainly not to be trusted.


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