On Vampires and other “monsters”

Humans can turn into vampires, but vampires can’t turn into humans. This is a flaw in the vampire mythos, a flaw which parallels zombie mythology. Even if a vampire is claimed to be a human who has lost control or willfully taken on the ways of a vampire, he or she can always regain humanity.

It’s curious that only werewolf mythology flirts with the idea of regaining humanity, and even then it’s deemed at best a foolish hope.

In all of these mythos the recommended response in dealing with them is to kill them.

Vampires are sexually frustrated – they are culturally alienated humans who seek violent ways of simulating intimacy – somewhere between rape, murder, and domination. They embrace, and then while clinging tight give a kiss, bite, and long drink.

All of these mythos are based on the concept of “the mob” or “the herd”, reducing humanity to a rabid rabble, a squalid squandering of potential. In contrast to the pathetic “herd” of mass humanity, being a vampire or werewolf is said to first and foremost be sexy, that is, worthy of sexual reproduction, and secondarily be more worthwhile than humanity in other ways, often intellectually. If you find it disturbing that this mythos deems humanity not worthwhile to reproduce, you are not alone.

While vampires and werewolves purport to be “greater than humanity”, zombie mythology examines the descent of humanity into a sub-state. Zombies not only shouldn’t reproduce, they literally can’t. They are wholly dependent on the intellect (brains) of others. The reason to become a zombie is to find a purpose in life. The mythos treats the zombies as dominating humans – forcing them to entirely throw out their old lives and either fleeing from or killing the zombies among them, unlike the vampire/werewolf mythos which usually has humans unaware of their presence.


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