On the role of Existentialism and Psychoanalysis in Western Civilization

The 19th century saw the rise of two related phenomena – a global imperialist network dominated by the West and existentialist philosophy. This philosophy was taken for THE modern problem, and psychoanalysis developed soon after to solve the problem.

Nietzsche and Freud were the two great servants of the Western ruling class – one to invent a grand reason for existential despair (the Death of God) and the second to invent a perpetual machine to keep Westerners focused on themselves and not on the world they are in the process of destroying.

The point of psychoanalysis is not to work or to cure, but to act as a shower, washing neurotic dirt off the body (real or perceived, it hardly matters) which due to the corrupt West simply piles up again. Psychoanalysis is a game.

The neurotic perpetually seeks to “cure himself” – the most successful neurotic turns inward to such an extent that the outside world barely exists at all – hence the rise in asceticism in the West.

Existentialism has been ridiculously profitable for Western capitalists – it’s progress enabled Western corporations to run rampant over the world, gaining great power and wealth.

The point of Existentialism is not to *describe* Western culture as meaningless, but to *invent* Western culture as meaningless – to will that the world as dominated by that culture be meaningless. Existentialism didn’t describe a world in despair but created a world in despair, to depress it’s victims (who believe themselves *enlightened*!) and make sure they wouldn’t stand in the way of world domination by global capital.

We now live in existentialism’s aftermath. A corporate totalitarian nightmare.


9 Responses to “On the role of Existentialism and Psychoanalysis in Western Civilization”

  1. Bahram Farzady Says:

    Existentialism is the most anit-materialist (e.g. meaning can’t be found in material goods). I don’t understand how you see yourself fit to write about either psychoanalysis or existentialism when you really know nothing about either.

    How is existentialism profitable for Western capitalists. I’d say if you’re any sort of existentialist you don’t buy things you don’t need.

    I wish existentialism has/had dominated the West. That’s just not true. Utilitarianism, egoism, and Christian theology have dominated the West.

    Where do you get your information from? Your ass?

  2. briankoontz Says:

    Existentialism is the excuse the West needs to not care about the world. It came about at the very time that it was becoming impossible to remain blind to the global effects of Western imperialism.

    So instead of the West treating it’s own imperialism (stopping it), it used Existentialism to profess itself helpless in the face of innumerable factors (death of God, rise of machines, tyranny of Christianity). Psychoanalysis is an endless game professing to treat neurotics of their existentialist despair.

    The strategy is simple – we can’t do anything about Western imperialism because we are so traumatized about the world. We “seek help” by means of psychoanalysis, which likewise is a pretense. The real motivation of neurosis is to be helpless and thus maintain one’s “standard of living”.

    Global warming is the latest Western trend herein. It’s social effect is to enable the pretense of deepening despair which forms the excuse to play video games, watch endless reality TV, and the like.

    Existentialism is a tool of global capitalism.

    Nietzsche is a social terrorist. He worked himself into a perpetual state of terror while professing to be a “great man” in order to dominate the West into a state of terror (existentialist despair) by which they would be helpless to change the world.

  3. Bahram Farzady Says:

    It’s odd that people who read Nietzsche, Freud and others are actually educated and for the most part also capable of participating in a democracy as active and informed citizens.

    Do you think the same way about behaviourism, cognitivism, social psychology, etc… these are all pretenses to keep people distracted from global capitalism. The fact that many of the people involved were communists or at the very least social-democrats doesn’t throw a big wrench into your theory?

    I have a theory as well. Michael Jackson’s death was a pretense for Obama to start reforming health care. He died around that time, and he probably died from bad health. That’s it! Michael Jackson is the reason for health care reform.

    Do you see how ridiculous this is? If you live in the US I assume it’s not too unlike Canada. Tell people you think Nietzsche is a social terrorist and see if they don’t ask “who the fuck is Nietzsche?” That’s the main reaction I have gotten from Nietzsche in social situations. If he is so powerful, powerful enough “to dominate the West into a state of terror by which the would be helpless to change the world,” presumably peopl would haveto read him or at the very least know who he is.

    All the people I know who also know who Nietzsche is are very politically active. The people who have not heard of Nietzsche tend to also be those who play video games all day. This anecdotal evidence seems to suggest you’re completely wrong and in fact the opposite of your contention may actually be true.

  4. Bahram Farzady Says:

    More importantly, are you a professor or teacher of any kind?

  5. briankoontz Says:

    Most of culture works as myth does – it weaves itself into the social fabric. Nietzsche (through the facilitation of the Western power structure) dominated the West without most people knowing exactly what the effects were. We breathe air – it’s irrelevant whether we *know* we are breathing air regarding it’s effects on us.

    The Western left nearly entirely supports Western imperialism. Marx, for example (and communists in general) support imperialism – what they oppose is the fruits of imperialism going largely to the local elite. Hence “communism” (National Socialism) – which distributes imperial wealth “fairly” amidst the national population.

    Examine the environmental destruction caused by the terrible conjunction of global capitalism and industrialization. Now examine Marx. Marx doesn’t want to end industrialization – he wants to distribute the “production” of industrialization “fairly” amidst the *national* population.

    These people you suppose to “oppose” the West – take a closer look. Consider that Soviet Communism, the primary fruit of Marx, acts nearly exactly like Western capitalism. The difference is that in the West a few giant corporations make decisions in hierarchical form which controls the society. In Soviet Communism a single “giant corporation” (the state) makes decisions in hierarchical form which controls the society.

    The people who actually oppose the West you’ve never heard of – BECAUSE they oppose the West. The people who actually oppose the West are marginalized. One needs to do research just to find out they existed.

    Marx isn’t marginalized – he’s considered a great economist. Nietzsche obviously isn’t marginalized – he’s widely considered one of the greatest philosophers in human history.

    Noone who opposes the West will ever be given any respect by the West. This is purely logical and completely true.

    The primary purpose of Western social science is to dominate the world – to facilitate imperialism and control of the local population. So psychological techniques are used in CIA torture centers around the world. Other techniques have softer terroristic effects – such as for use by advertisers and marketers.

    The primary psychic outcome of global capitalism is terror. On any level – the emotions of the diseased and starving – the endless needs and ambitions of the global bourgeoisie – the mechanical rote lives of those living on the edge of doom. Humanity under global capitalism copes, or attempts to cope, and buries their terror under distractions, or superiority, or hate, or “loves”, or addictions.

    I teach people and learn from people. All that makes me is human.

  6. briankoontz Says:

    We are controlled by the elite. This includes Chomsky. At any time the elite could neutralize Chomsky, like they did Fred Hampton. The elite kill those they don’t want to spend the resources necessary to control.

    There’s a political split in the Western elite between the “realists” and the “Neoconservatives”. Bill Clinton/Barack Obama are realists and Ronald Reagan/George W. Bush are Neocons (controlled by them). This split translates to “soft empire” versus “hard empire” or “coercive diplomacy” versus “kill first and ask questions later”.

    Chomsky’s primary role for the elite is to attack the Neocons, which he has done effectively throughout his life. Chomsky gained major exposure following the antics of the George W. Bush administration – this was no coincidence.

    Philosophers are judged by their effects. The American people are well-trained servants of power – wasting their lives on endless distractions. The rest of the West is little better (and in the case of Japan arguably worse). Emerging empires in China, India, and South Korea show a proto-Western populace, falling into the same social models (bourgeois pursuits) as the West.

    So we can throw out any theory which states that powerful philosophers exist who support anti-imperialism for the West. If they were powerful, the American people would not be wasting their lives – they would be fighting the elite.

    “Foreign aid” is not about helping the 3rd world – it’s about gaining a social foothold in the 3rd world for purposes of economic domination. It’s public relations. The other side of “foreign aid” features weapons transfers – often to dictators to suppress the locals.

    Back to Chomsky for a moment – America is a crumbling empire. The American elite need philosophers to ease the transition from empire to non-empire – so Chomsky is given some play while very few people know that Samuel Clemens was an anti-imperialist – few people know because at that time the American elite was 100% imperialist, although lacking the military power to be hyper-aggressive as occurred after World War II.

    Dead men tell no tales. If some “great philosopher” came along dangerous to the elite he would simply be killed. Or imprisoned, as Gramsci was. If the populace itself is sufficiently enslaved there will be no great philosophers, since “greatness” is defined by usefulness to the elite, and the elite need no philosophy if the populace is already sufficiently enslaved and useful within their slavery.

    Nietzsche was a hideous neurotic and ascetic. His career was built on communicating his panic, frustration, and desperation to his readers. These translated extremely well, leading to “existential despair” and variants dominating Western culture. This cultivated fatalism led the Western populace to turn inwards, turn psychological and ignore the political, and abandon the fate of the very world their own “leaders” were busy exploiting.

  7. Bahram Farzady Says:

    You’re just a moron.

    • dubyabee Says:

      No, I think it more likely that he is far off on the end of the autism spectrum, and that he happened upon a position paper written by a college sophomore for an introductory philosophy class. The thing is, said student printed it on paper with a gilt border. Being nice and shiny and all, and he being of the sit and rock and spin type, this garishly printed yet laughably juvenile attempt at scholarship came to entirely consume his consciousness.

      Over the decades since then, he seems to have progressed little, in that he still needs to be fed, wiped, and have his spittle removed, but his incessant recasting of those little-understood but shiny words of long ago, now long since dissolved into tatters yet ever living in his jagged mind has allowed him to rearrange and restate them in ways that at a glance seem like original thinking. On closer examination, sadly, it really nothing more than could be produced by a roomful of monkeys with a spool of magnetic tape and thirty or forty editing machines.

      Try not to be too hard on him.

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