The roots of existentialism and psychoanalysis

Existentialism and psychoanalysis were invented by the West in order to turn Western society’s attention inward, toward “it’s problems” rather than the problems it was causing in the world through world capitalism of which it was (and is) the imperial center. Existentialism is the leading cultural cause of Western global destruction. The neurotic is not waging a battle for his soul between wealthy dominator and compassionate decency, but endlessly self-absorbed, with ongoing “issues”, which serve as a perpetual bubble keeping the world at bay. The neurotic wants one of two things – either endless attempts at reconciliation, whereby he visits psychoanalysts, takes pills which don’t work, talks about his “feelings” over and over, or he’s “cured”, where he feels “peace of mind” with no substantial change in his identity.

Far from radicals, Nietzsche, Kafka and others are servants of imperial power, turning the West’s attention inward at the very time it was exerting increasing control through global capital networks. Existentialism fully succeeded in it’s tasks, and global capital reigned throughout the 20th century and so far into the 21st. Only the covert socialist Neoconservatives have thus far threatened global capital, and they’ve been shut down.


6 Responses to “The roots of existentialism and psychoanalysis”

  1. Bahram Farzady Says:

    Sartre was a communist. Most existentialist, except for Nietzsche (who is not an existentialist) were politcally active. You really think people in the West read Kafka? I wish they did.

    I don’t understand the whole “turn inwards” thing. Psychoanalysis is a form of therapy, so yes, it does ask patients to look inside themselves and find the root of their ailments. What do this have to do with not being politicall active or vigilent.

    I’m a Nietzschean-philosopher. I’m about to rally in front of a business that hire people who have no othr option, works them to the bone, doesn’t pay them for their overtime and where peak pay is $9 CAD an hour. I’ve turned too far inwards?

    You’re writing non-sense. Are people actually reading this. I think this is dangerous.

    Give me one piece of solid evidence for one of your conspiratory claims. You do know what you are espousing is a very complex conspiracy theory?

  2. briankoontz Says:

    It’s not a conspiracy theory. It’s an extremely simple set of facts that requires that one understands the role of the West in the world and the role of both the Western elite and the Western populace in the world.

    Take the Western populace for a moment. The “poor” people of the West are part of the global middle class. They are the bourgeoisie of the world – acting as the bourgeoisie does (uncaring, cruel, grasping, inconsiderate, without compassion) toward the vast majority of the world’s population (what they derisively call the “3rd world”).

    Maintaining the global economic position is the PRIMARY purpose of both the Western elite and the Western populace. The Western populace doesn’t live lives of relative affluence because they “work hard”, but because they maintain a terroristic imperial state. They’ll do anything to perpetuate this. It’s called “the American way of life” or “the good life”.

    It’s irrelevant how much evidence I provide you since you’re incapable of supporting an understanding – or as Jack Nicholson might say – “You can’t handle the truth”.

    If I tell you to examine something you’ll put on your warped glasses and then look. So go ahead, put on those glasses, and look at the “activist dissidents” of the West – the people who go to protests, wave signs, chant, “standoff” against the police, and such. Supposedly they are the bulwark of democracy – the final voice whose presence tempers an otherwise totalitarian state.

    In most cases these “protests” are completely passive – planned events with planned actions and a planned bus ride home. Planned obsolescence.

    In other cases these “protests” are “active” – tear gas is shot around, some windows are broken – a few arrests are made – making for great drama for the many “brave citizens” who bring their camcorder to the event and put the video online.

    Nothing happens. Laws aren’t changed. The protest doesn’t build to a larger reality. Corporations aren’t injured. It’s a game. It’s a stage-play which conceals that there’s nothing real going on.

    The problem is that the dissidents themselves don’t want to challenge the Western power structures. But their consciences tell them to do something. So they do… something.

    There’s nothing conspiratorial going on. It’s merely people acting in their own “self-interest” as they define it. Dissidents define their self-interest as “me easing my conscience” which “protests” do as long as they don’t encounter people telling them they are a sham. And since they have dismissive ways of handling those situations, they are good to go.

  3. briankoontz Says:

    You’ve invented that message.

    One thing we can do is kill the elite. I’ve recommended that anyone who wants to leave society for despair or some other reason should kill one or more members of the elite. This might inspire others and in any case would give the majority of the world’s population a good laugh and cheer.

    Probably the best thing to do for people hoping to remain in society for a while is to organize politically. Form large democratic organizations, both locally and have these groups link into regional, national, and global networks.

    It’s also useful to educate people, although much less useful than seemingly the entire Western left believes. I find it difficult to teach the populace much because they already understand most everything – I end up teaching “educated” people the most.

  4. briankoontz Says:

    A dictator is convenient but not necessary – there are few enough of the elite that taking a few out can cause a big commotion.

    In a hierarchical society all “leaders” are hierarchical in nature – that is to say authoritarian. It’s impossible for an elite to be a good leader since he’s “risen to the top” and is thus superior to the mere mortals below him (according to society). Alternatively, simply examine the behavior of the Western elite to the world at large (mass disease and starvation) and to “his own” people to see whether he is displaying “leadership” skills.

    The educational system in the West is designed to indoctrinate students into the values of the Western elite. It serves no democratic function. There could certainly be some form of organized educational system in a democracy.

    The reason richer people are more “politically active” than poorer people is not even a difference in indoctrinated “education” – it’s a difference in enfranchisement. Richer people have a political stake in the existing system – it matters to them whether Obama or McCain was elected president, for example. For poorer people there is no stake, thus no purpose for political activity (beyond true democratic organizations which don’t currently exist).

    Poorer people frequently join unions when they are available, thus showing that they are politically active when there is something at stake in the political arena.

    This is my last post to you in either of our lifetimes.

  5. Bahram Farzady Says:

    I don’t know how to reply because your writing is so senseless, and your claims are so baseless and unargued on your own behalf (you’d be embarrassed if you had a brain). Good way to leave off. Senseless coming and senseless going.

    Stop writing this drivel! You are a moron. Read Dewey’s “Democracy and Education” or Chomsky’s critique of the educational system in “Chomsky on Anarchism” to see just how stupid you really are.

    Or don’t because you’re moron and I’m certain you won’t anyways. Who are John Dewey and Noam Chomsky to teach you anything.

  6. Bill Says:

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