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June 3, 2009

On a blank mind what will be written?
Then erase and try again
Adventurers ho! So surely smitten
Endless hope no place to go

Binge on love then throw up
Fandom’s price a heavy toil
Fated so convinced of value
In swill to see a pot of gold

Headshot! They lust
For glory blood and the final kill
To stand supreme on endless corpses
Drink their fill and see no more

Inner pain meets playful rage
They aren’t hurting anyone
Fun the reason and the excuse
To sacrifice themselves

Fast and frenetic, see them buzz
Vital energy so they say
Manic fingers, all to control
This plastic vacuum world

Who are they? Does it matter?
Bring on the next game!
They are whatever it takes to succeed!

Turn on, tune in, drop out
Sneer at the world they’ve left behind
A hopeless, feckless, riddled place
Only hopeless when abandoned

Dungeons and Dragons, a Vietnam pot-head
Entering that magical land with fairy dust
Be anyone! Why be anyone?
Yourself let wither and die

Back pain? No blame
Feel the cries of enemy anguish at another killed
Hear the happiness of teammates
Driving them on to the next goal

So so many Peter Pans
No cares, flying here and there
Tinkerbell their ideal woman
Hot tramp their last hope

The Land of the Rising Sun may be the grave
They are so adept at nihilism
With Godzilla there is endless fear
Dreams of destruction to rival Zionists

Oh brave new world! Alternate realities
Quantum theory, parallel universes
Anything to leave this place
Anything to neglect who they are

Saving the world, one corpse at a time
So many monsters everywhere
Paranoia the wisdom of the dark cynic

This is no news to anyone, no surprise
This might as well have not been written
Read it and nod, or more likely never read it
The low production values a “turn off”

There is no alternative, so they say
No reason to do otherwise
Reality no longer has value
Only new realities, as fast as can be produced
Hold any hope

They criticize me for my despair
They send me away to a dark corner
I’m not welcome in this brave new world
Plastic men hate the solid
Consistency is boring to them
And despite what they claim, a threat

We carry our own light
Live in the world as it is
Empty relativists are ignored
Mass media junkies lay feverish
While we vitalize the living world