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Mass media domination, American society, and beautiful minds

April 27, 2009

Domination is not about truth – it’s about control. CNN doesn’t even care, much less know, about the various psychological and social effects of Twitter. What they DO care about is that we “learn” about those supposed effects from CNN – scientists are merely a tool CNN uses to attempt to increase their own degree of domination of the viewership and extended viewership (those affected by the direct viewers).

Western mass media (in conjunction with other elite allies) is about necromancy. Create a dead population and then animate this population in the direction they desire. All they care about is how easy it is to tug the populace one way or another as well as how powerful they can make a given tug. Truth is irrelevant except insofar as truth affects the power of the tug or their general credibility. A dead, irrational population themselves don’t care about truth, so perpetrators of lies no longer are penalized – hence the continuing popularity of Rush Limbaugh and the like.

We are living in a twilight zone of irrationality where elite factions (mostly various corporations through their products) vie for ownership of your soul. Americans then become mouthpieces and pawns of these elite – used against other Americans, used against foreign slaves in some cases, used mostly against themselves, as well as sucked dry of any humanity they have. Humanity just gets in the way.

With very little humanity left in America, the humans who are left feel alienated, isolated, as if they are living in hell. They retreat into their own minds, consoling themselves with the belief that they are much better than the zombie society around them. This belief in turn causes them to retreat further, into TV or video games and libertarianism, away from public events, in a rarified dead vacuum (imitating Nietzschean separation) that they deem “pure”. It’s “pure”, alright – purified of everything except their own beautiful and precious mind.

These humans, although they are the last to admit it, are every bit as much pawns of the elite as the rabid ditto-heads of Limbaugh – every bit as culturally dead as the rednecks they mock.

Their analysis of American society as hell is rational – but the only good response is to take up sword and shield and fight the demons and devils head-on. We need paladins, not hermits.

If we have insufficient paladins, then the zombie society will overrun us all.

The War Games Generation

April 1, 2009

The only winning move is not to play.

A side effect of nuclear war is deterrance of a powerful foreign state. The primary purpose is creating fear and terror in local people.

All nuclear powers have terrorized populaces. The most aggressive, the United States and Israel, have the most terrorized populaces. These populaces are easy to control and manipulate.

This is just one tool of terror. Television is another. Lotteries another (regressive taxation). Corporations another. Schools another. Prisons another. Nearly the entire public society of Western countries is designed and acts to instill terror in the populace.

In the movie War Games, the computer Joshua never learned the most important lesson, futility. The War Games Generation, the Americans who grew up in the 1980s, learned that lesson all too well.

“The game itself is pointless”.

“General, what you see on these screens up here is a fantasy; a computer enhanced hallucination. Those blips are not real missiles. They’re phantoms.”

In a terrorized society, the populace looks to create pockets of safety, of real life amid the terror of daily reality. It is *precisely* fantasy, entertainment, “computer enhanced hallucinations”, “phantoms”, video games, that this generation turns to. Curiously, they call the world they have abandoned “real life” while they attempt to construct a digital real life.

“Is it a game… or is it real?”
“What’s the difference?”

Once one attempts to create reality through a game, through a digital invention, there becomes little difference. The War Games Generation has abandoned reality, rendering it unreal, while the digital reality they experience expands in “realness”.

The principle of Divide and Conquer is that the elite acts to split current or potential political opponents. What better way to do that than to introduce a myriad of “alternative universes”, so that people will rarely if ever interact with the real one?

What is an “alternative universe”, if not simply a form of entertainment that one never leaves? A television without an off switch?

The War Games Generation embraces “alternative universes” and thus their own irrelevance in the only real universe.