Destroying the Western intellectual left

This is a post on the Dissident Voice forums, in reply to a James Keye article, here.

About Rove’s comment:

The elite are destroyers of the world. That is their role with respect to reality. They create nothing.

The vast majority of humans have little conscious connection to the elite. Their connection is with their family, friends, and co-workers and with the natural world. That’s where *creation* occurs, that’s where reality occurs, and real history occurs.

Instead of detailing THAT history, real history, most intellectuals detail the history of the elite, which is the history of the corruption of and destruction of real history.

The elite imagine themselves to be the real actors of the world and the intellectuals support this notion through either positive or constructive treatment of them, and no treatment at all of the non-elite.

James Keye says that the elite are the only ones who “do what they imagine”. This is the complete opposite of the truth – the elite are the only ones who *don’t* do what they imagine. No human being wants to destroy the world – only human beings who have divorced themselves from benevolence “want” to destroy the world.

Being a member of the elite is similar to being insane – noone really *wants* to be insane – it’s just that circumstances sometimes lead to such a thing, and make people think they desire it. The elite and the insane lead wonderful lives according to them and perverse lives according to those who experience them.

Take a look at common people (I don’t mean Americans, the rulers of the world) – they are very happy with their lives, remarkably happy given the travesties committed on them by the elite. Other than elite monstrosities, these people are getting exactly what they want.

It’s only the elite who are never happy, never satisfied – everyone else is often happy and often satisfied. It’s obvious who is doing what they want and who keeps doing things they hate, and then tries to perpetually correct their past actions.

It’s *only* the elite who are miserable. Even a starving young mother has a smile on her face as she looks at her child.

The elite bury their misery in power, wealth, and domination. With every destructive act they commit it rears it’s ugly head.

Real history is unexamined by the intellectuals who refuse to cover it, who believe that the Karl Roves of the world are more important than the starving mothers, or the bloated corpses, or the common people with their everyday lives.

Intellectuals constantly look for the unique, the “special”, the never-before-said, the vanguard, the original, the revolutionary, the “true”.

And in smiles, in conversation, in changing relationships, in embraces, in disagreement, in shared silence, nothing need be said, nothing can be said, according to the intellectuals, who scoff at such things and look to the Karl Roves of the world for something worthy of their critique.

In ignoring true reality intellectuals have helped build a propaganda system in conjunction with the elite whose purpose is to control reality.

Everyone smiles at their child. The intellectuals, regardless of their “political position” smile at Karl Rove. What a naughty boy he is. Now this naughty boy writes for a mainstream magazine. How dare they employ him! Don’t they know better? Don’t you see how we are trying to help you out by telling you this?

Smiles speak volumes. Volumes that cannot be written by the intellectuals, cannot be controlled by the intellectuals, and thus must be destroyed by the intellectuals.

To intellectuals, reality itself is a foreign language. Those intellectuals are xenophobic.

James Keye makes a fundamental error common to intellectual supporters of the elite – he believes that humans *want* to be members of the elite. The elite are few in number not because they are the cream of the crop of humans but because few humans want to descend to their level. Few humans want to destroy the world, but a few are willing to do so for personal profit. And unfortunately, at least with respect to the past several thousand years, that’s all it has taken.

Obama has achieved something for blacks in the same sense as a human achieves something when he becomes a devil.

According to intellectuals, Obama is a “success story”. That speaks volumes about Western intellectual leftism.

Those are more volumes that Western intellectuals have no interest in. Down the memory hole with it!

Obama will lead American blacks to imperial power and domination! Go Obama, Go Obama!

Most people achieve what they want. The history of the elite is the tragic history of the world. A history ONLY told by intellectuals.

Haven’t we had enough tragedy, or will only the death of the world be an end to it?


4 Responses to “Destroying the Western intellectual left”

  1. James Keye Says:

    Mr. Koontz’ meanderings seem to be coming from “the right place;” he seems to have a basically realistic view of the present world. However, the views that he presents as mine, seemingly as a means to argue against them, have almost nothing to do with any reasonable reading of my essay. He seems to have concluded that I am shilling for the elite because I recognize that there is such a collection of humans and that they have inordinate influence on the fate of humanity. If Mr. Koontz had remembered or refreshed his recollection with my other essays on Dissident Voice, some of which his has also read, he would have been less likely to diametrically misread this one. I am particularly confused by his assertion that “James Keye makes a fundamental error common to intellectual supporters of the elite – he believes that humans *want* to be members of the elite.” It is not nice to make up things about another person’s beliefs and displays an intellectual dishonesty unworthy of honorable discourse.

    It is true that I did not state that the elite are terrible monsters and should be removed. This is largely because that is not my belief. I think that the conditions of our human natures and the historical process have created our present design. We must first have some comprehension of these forces if we are not to just substitute one elite for another in an endless procession. That this whole business is Madness has been a consistent theme of my writings.

    This essay was about the likely forces influencing Mr. Obama and the possibility that the multitude may have a greater opportunity to reach his administration for a time than we have had in several administrations. It was a call to action. Mr. Koontz chose to use it as a springboard to demonstrate his personal angst.

  2. briankoontz Says:

    Support for the existence of the elite is complicity with that existence. I disagree entirely that “human nature” has created the elite – structures emergent from certain cultures (in conjunction with historical processes) created them. “Human nature” creating the elite fails to explain all of the cultures that did not include an elite.

    You engage in discourse (to a small extent) only after accusing me of intellectual dishonesty. That’s a strange order of events.

    Because you believe that human nature is the root of present monstrosities, you take a biological/psychological view toward the cure. To you, the elite are merely a symptom of the underlying disease.

    To me, the elite are a major problem in themselves. The disease is a matter of culture and required structures to maintain that culture (such as imperialism). But the elite *prevent* change, they prevent positive aspects of human nature from becoming dominant. The elite prevent a diseased culture from being cured, as well as having a major hand in creating the disease in the first place.

    To address your confusion:

    “I am particularly confused by his assertion that “James Keye makes a fundamental error common to intellectual supporters of the elite – he believes that humans *want* to be members of the elite.”

    This derives from this quote of yours:

    “A major difference between the elite and the rest of humanity is that they are able to actually do what they imagine. … The rest of the world’s people imagine more with hope than with action, hope ranging from studied possibility to desperation (thus, the power of ‘hope’ as a political word). … But it is inconceivable that the major planned movements of humanity will not originate in the desires, expectations and adaptations of the elites.”

    According to you the “rest of humanity” are a bunch of useless impotent hopers, and it’s inconceivable that they can create major planned movements, yet somehow these people don’t *want* to be members of the potent, creative, powerful elite, and somehow you’re confused when I think that you think they would, based on your own words.

    This is the core of your defeat, to believe that the elite are permanent, that they cannot be defeated, that being resigned to them and therefore trying to “influence” them is the only course of action, and coupled with your other beliefs trying to improve our biology, psychology, and consciousness as a means of improving HOW we influence the elite is our best course of action.

    Far from a call to class war, yours is a call to “self-improvement” followed by a plaintive pleading at the feet of centralized power.

    This attitude and belief you have is supported by the elite themselves, who enjoy “opponents” who believe they are super-powerful and permanent. Therefore, you are “shilling for the elite”.

    I agree with you in a key way. The result of this class war will not be to replace the elite with another elite. It will necessarily be the creation of a society based on fundamentally different structures, and be class-less.

    One way to destroy the elite is to destroy the structures they rely on. Another way is to kill them – or rather, to force them into draconian measures that will turn more and more of the populace against them. Far from being permanent or super-powerful, the existence of the elite is always tenuous, the structures they rely on brittle. None of the techniques the elite use – divide and conquer, bribery, greed, are deeply entrenched even in the heart of the empire – the United States.

    One difference between us is that you believe a revolution is a long way off – I believe it *can be* close at hand, given the right type of organizing.

  3. James Keye Says:

    I support your passion, but your intellectual process seems to be too chaotic with insufficient internal honesty for meaningful discourse. Good luck to you.

  4. briankoontz Says:

    Join the other 99.9% of humanity and don’t reply to those who you find to be “intellectually dishonest”. By doing so you invalidate your own supposition.

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