The Rocky Syndrome

This is a theory about the underlying motivations of the Neoconservatives. The Neoconservatives are an American political cult that rose to power in the latter days of Vietnam and have only just begun to wane. It features very cynical and aggressive political moves, such as the establishment of “think tanks” to control perspectives, the use of “talking points” to control thought, total loyalty to other Neoconservatives, and a degree of absurd rhetoric not seen before in political history. The story of the Neoconservatives begins in World War II.

Nazi Germany directly or indirectly led to the deaths of tens of millions of people, several million of which were German Jews. The German people, Jews and otherwise, did little to stop the atrocities. Hitler was very popular and resistance was sparse, lacked capital, and was largely ineffectual.

This began a spiritual project of redeeming humanity for it’s failure to resist Nazism. After a period of fear and triviality in the 1950s, the 1960s saw the rise of leftists and a straightforward hope and expectation of democratic reality. During this decade what would later become the Neoconservatives were Marxists and Trotskyists. Israel under Zionist ideology was a socialist state (for Jews only). Neoconservatism is substantially Jewish due to it’s original ties to understanding WWII and the Nazism process of exterminating Jews.

What The Rocky Syndrome does is to reinterpret and challenge the notion of a “shift to the right” of the Neoconservatives following the fall of the American New Left of the 1960s.

The hippie culture of the 1960s was naive and straightforward. They believed that democratic reality would emerge out of natural human willingness and desire, especially if culture was directed in that way. Hence “free love”.

The Neoconservatives saw the fall of that movement as an indicator that, once again, humanity had failed. Humans could not be brought to democracy in straightforward, direct fashion, just as humans could not oppose fascism directly.

This led the Neoconservatives not toward a new political direction, but toward a new method of achieving what humanity could not achieve in either WWII or during the 1960s.

The Neoconservatives took themselves underground.

In the Rocky series of movies, Rocky leads a hard-scrabble life. He trains, and trains, using a poor man’s facilities, and finally is ready for his big bout. But even after all of that training, he gets in a ring with a man who is bigger, richer, and stronger. And Rocky is beaten to a pulp. He’s beaten (WWII human failure), and beaten (fall of the 1960s left), but finally just when all hope is lost and he seems to be gone he explodes in a manic flurry of punches, through a bloody haze, and defeats Goliath.

Langston Hughes speaks of this process:

What happens to a dream deferred?

Does it dry up
like a raisin in the sun?
Or fester like a sore–
And then run?
Does it stink like rotten meat?
Or crust and sugar over–
like a syrupy sweet?

Maybe it just sags
like a heavy load.

Or does it explode?

Rocky’s dream deferred finally exploded. The question for the Neoconservatives became, how do we create Rocky? As Rocky is the American people, how do we create the American people such that they explode?

And their answer was obvious – beat the Americans to a pulp. Humanity had failed in WWII and during the 1960s because it was insufficiently devastated, insufficiently bloodied, insufficiently despairing. Therefore the Neoconservatives set out to remake America in order to save humanity.

The Neoconservatives then not just “moved to the right”, but became far rightists. They established totalitarian political control, abolished much of the welfare state, even went so far as to develop a sneer in order to enrage the populace. They use outlandish rhetoric and even more outlandish behavior. Rhetoric is very useful since it can enrage the populace without them actually *doing* anything against the populace.

The Neoconservatives are playing a very high stakes game of poker. They need to be competent enough to inspire great fear and incompetent enough to ensure their own ultimate failure. Only through both will their underlying motive reach it’s success.

They are playing out the movie Rocky from twin perspectives – Goliath and the director. They need to make sure the American people are traumatized and enraged but also make sure they don’t overdo it. As Nietzsche says, “What does not kill me only makes me stronger”. With every blow from the Neoconservatives, the American people are made stronger. Or so they hope.

Underlying the Neoconservatives is the feeling that they are deeply misunderstood, and in that respect they are correct.

George Orwell provides the means for the destruction of the Neoconservatives. Orwell denies the value both of schizophrenia (which forms the basis for the twin perspectives and seemingly opposite desires of the Neocons) and of torture as a means of self-improvement, both of which were supported by Nietzsche.
This whole thing is very ironic.

In the latter days of Vietnam Americans started officially using torture, thinking that only through embracing the “dark side” could they prevail. The inverted move from straightforward democratic movement to reactionary democratic movement (creating democracy through forcing a revolution) was a corollary to this “dark side” activity.


3 Responses to “The Rocky Syndrome”

  1. Ron Horn Says:

    Great piece of humorous satire!

  2. briankoontz Says:

    It’s not satire. The official line on the Neoconservatives makes little sense, and this makes moderately more sense.

    The official line is interesting, though. It’s worth taking a look at:

    The official line reads that Neoconservatism emerged not so much out of WWII but out of the post-war Zionist push. Zionism was always about socialism (for Jews only) which provides the link to the Marxist/Trotskyist future Neocons of the 1960s. Then the rise of blacks in America terrorized whites and Jews into shifting to the right, abandoning socialism, and taking on a radical free market capitalism. This shift of wealth to the top, intentional widening of income disparity, was meant to shift wealth to Zionists, since they were the “chosen ones” apparently chosen for their desire to accumulate wealth. One Ayn Rand, Milton Friedman, and Ronald Reagan later, they had the proper mindset to believe their own silliness.

    One of the objections to my view is that the Neoconservatives themselves seem to believe the official line (more or less). But of course they do, since in order to go underground they have to hide the truth from themselves most of all.

    The Neoconservatives have established a “false front”, but in order to make the falsity seem real it has to be vigorously pursued, yet incompetently pursued in order to not achieve ultimate success.

    One question becomes, just how competent has the Neoconservative pursuit been, assuming the official line is correct?

    One reason Jon Stewart’s job is so easy in making fun of the Neoconservatives is that they are so incompetent. They aren’t fooling anyone – they enrage the American populace with their sneers, condescension, arrogance, and utter stupidity. They are unlike any other politician I’ve ever seen, and in many ways are opposites of the typical politician. How many politicians say “Go fuck yourself” and shoot a friend in the face? How many politicians pretend to not be able to speak the English language? How many politicians pretend to have selective amnesia? How many politicians repeatedly fail to show up at congressional summons?

    If world domination is the goal then competence is a requirement. In a mere 8 years the reputation of America around the world has been shot, the economy of America has been trashed, even the military (ostensibly the strong point of the Neocons) has been greatly weakened. This weakening began somewhat under Carter and largely under Reagan, and accelerated in either the world domination endgame (official line) or the American Revolution endgame (my line) of the Bush II administration.

    Either way they have utterly failed. Americans will apparently only revolt due to high gas prices, and they aren’t nearly high enough. As far as world domination goes, the only thing the Neocons can dominate are the pathetic American people themselves.

    The Neocons are being severely weakened in the world, but they can still attack America, as they will do under either a McCain (hard Neocon) or Obama (soft Neocon) presidency.

    One fact that supports both the official line and my line is the rapid deterioration of the environment. According to the official line, the real “end of the world” gives rise to a religious “end of the world” movement, which boosts Zionism and religious fundamentalism, and creates a balls-out aggressiveness based on the logic that if we’re all going to die anyway, we might as well do God’s bidding and exterminate our enemies. The End of the World means that rationality itself becomes irrelevant. Another theory is that the Neoconservatives believe that with sufficient wealth they can buy their way to continued life – while poor people die due to a bad environment they themselves can become “bubble humans” and live in protected enclaves.

    According to my line, the Neoconservatives are terrorized at the lack of rationality in the American populace, and use scare tactics to try to shock Americans into saving the world. According to this thinking, the Neoconservatives completely oppose apathy, the “whatever” movement, and use “tough love” to whip Americans and others into shape. Their “tough love” they call “Structural Adjustment Programs”, among other names.

    According to the official line, the Neocons are insane. According to my line, they are more along the lines of extremely neurotic as well as unbearably patronizing, and probably very misguided.

    Regardless, I hope the Neocons die very, very soon. Virtually everyone in the world hates them, for good reasons.

  3. briankoontz Says:

    Also, according to the official line the Neocons became totalitarians as a result of trauma undergone at the hands of the Nazis in World War II. That’s extremely unlikely. The most common result of torture is that the victim gains compassion for others who are tortured.

    My line is far more sensible in this regard. The trauma that the forebears of the Neocons received during WWII *taught them* the horrors of totalitarianism, and they vowed to ensure the “free world” (by which they in particular mean America) remains forever free. In order to do this they need to give America a shot of totalitarianism (like a flu shot) in order that they build up immunity to the disease. Then the question becomes, how well have they built the shot? Is it too strong, too weak, or is the patient simply unequipped to handle it?

    The post WWII years saw a vast rise in Libertarianism (especially in America of course). That’s been the political difference in modern times. One downside of libertarianism is a lack of community projects, communalism, and togetherness. This tremendous individual liberty (for some Americans anyway, not the people they exploit) makes banding together for any reason (such as fighting totalitarianism) extremely difficult. So while Libertarianism was a welcome relief from the horror felt due to Hitler, it also made the rise of totalitarianism all the more likely to happen again. This is what (according to my line) terrorized the Neocons and caused them to go underground after the failure of the left to achieve a new society during the 1960s.

    The reason Americans never thought totalitarianism could happen in America, besides abject ignorance, is that the Neoconservatives, in power since the late 1970s, are the ones who most appreciate it’s horror. According to my line, it’s precisely because they appreciate it’s horror that they want to ensure it never happens to the free world, and they need to teach Americans to *themselves* be able to fight it off rather than to rely on the elite to do it for them.

    My line is much more psychologically and logistically sensible. However, in terms of real truth I suspect both lines are in play – the Neocons are operating simultaneously under the desire to rule the world and under the desire to inoculate the US to prevent people from ruling the world at their expense. After the Neocons determine they’ve failed in administering their “shot of totalitarianism”, they may become distraught and go for the real thing, in order to “save the world” from “true totalitarians”.

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